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Originally Posted by Koyan View Post
For some reason, I typed title with an accented way of saying "Ello!" yet it didn't get typed like that... Odd... Anyways, I am Koyan, technically a new user, although I made an account a while ago. :3 I'm a long time player of Pokemon Games, having owned and beaten Pokemon yellow to the point where I could literally (Not to be confused with figuratively) do nothing else to keep my attention. Then, Gold and silver came out... And the rest is history! I think...

Sorry... I tend to go off on tirades... Anyways...

I plan on being semi-active, and most likely hitting the refresh button every 3 seconds for the next three days... Which is generally my routine with forums. I own every generation of games, including a few hard copies of hacks... Which I bought when I went to the Philippines for 5 weeks... Crap... I'm going off on another Tirade... This is why I can't use Twitter... 140 Characters? Not happening. For the benifit of the "tl;dr" people, I say this:

Hi! I'm new!
Hello Koyan. Hopefully you're enjoying yourself here.

You may have joined all that time ago, but welcome anyways. We are a fun, friendly community who has just celebrated its 10th Anniversary. I had loads of fun during the PCX Get-Together btw.

Pokemon-wise, I have been a fan since I was only 7. <3 Pokemon is such an amazing and popular franchise that has kept me motivated for 13 years. I have played everything from 3rd to 5th Gen, with 5th Gen being my fave. And my fave Pokemon is Oshawott. And despite hitting double decades today, I don't plan on retiring from Pokemon anytime soon.

I think the place that might suit you best would be the Pokemon Gaming areas. We have two of these sections, one covers Generations 1-3 as well as spinoffs and general Pokemon Gaming talk, which is in here. And then we also have this one for 4th and 5th Generations, as well as trading and battling.

Well, I hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to message me.

- Hikari10
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