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Clare and Kale
The pair met up at a coffee shop, "Let's play Fate Thread first Clare!" He had brought along their stuff, Clare already explaining previous events.

"I don't know, Loud Speaker is much better to open with." She took a sip of her hot chocolate, she didn't enjoy coffe, "We can start loud and rowdy to get everyone excited then we could gradually slow down."

"Why'd you pick three rock songs, we should've played a rock song, a ballad, and then asked the audience." He was drinking coffee, he loved dark coffee and didn't put cream in it. "I mean we are trying to get a place to stay."

"Yeah about that, how is our apartment, is it good." She took a bite of her muffin and then downed some more cocoa.

"I guess it is fine for living but it is pretty small and only good for sleeping for me."

"So there isn't room to practice I presume huh, that sucks. Back to our last topic, the school requested that we play rock, I just agreed. Anyways Loud Speaker is more grunge."

"Understandable, you think we could do a mission before the party? I mean we don't have to but I'm pumped."

"Why don't we just do some work helping with the party, that way there's no injuries before and we have no chance of being late. Or we can patrol the streets here, I hear that is a pastime for some students, I'll follow your decision on this one."

"Well let's challenge people at the arena, I hear they have magic or technology or something that prevents injuries from staying after leaving the arena, I bet we could assert how strong we are easily."

Maggy silently follow as directed, being elite means I can't fight, how lame I could kill that Jack with one punch let alone with magic. She was restless, her job was to record the mission by watching everything the boy did. She also had to answer questions, he didn't seem to have any so her job was pretty easy. O had told her specificly not to intervene in any way, that included talking when she didn't need to so she kept her mouth shut.

I hope we finish this in time to get to the party, they always have cool indie bands and I rigged the vote on one of the band's requested songs to play only rock songs. Maggy laughed mischievously at the memory, she knew O would be annoyed that she used his computer but she didn't care last year they didn't play enough good songs and she was bored at the party. I bet this kid couldn't last twenty seconds in a fight with me let alone if O was here. Maggy was just about to say as much when she caught herself, Oops almost slipped up on my first elite mission.

She watched as his minions ran around, I would've just started leveling buildings and beating people up, but I suppose this is effective and boring. She grabbed her head and groaned, this was going to be a long night.
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