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Originally Posted by Battletested View Post
Hello, Pokemon Community, where you're still working on a slogan!

I'm Battletested (or as I'm better known as D'metey), an 18 year old, who resides in a small town in Pennsylvania, approximately 12 miles out from Philadelphia, with aspirations to join the FBI after I get both of my bachelor's degrees in the appropriate fields and master my fluency of Korean. But in the meantime, I'm here mainly to discuss, share, and hopefully collaborate with people on hacking some Pokemon ROMs.

I am currently working on a project to up the difficulty of Pokemon Red (which is just the start of a long series of ROM hacks with similar intents) with a few friends of mine.

While I won't beg anyone for help on this project (yet), I will be kind enough to say I am hoping to redo the entire game and tweak the little issues that always seemed to bug me when I played it back when I first played Pokemon.

If you're interested in the project, feel free to send me a message on here, or contact me via something I put up on my work-in-progress profile. I'm very eager to collaborate with some of the geniuses that reside on this website, as I would be both humbled and honored to work with them.

Anyways, cheers, and I hope you didn't get bored reading this!
Hi Battletested, cool username you have.

Welcome to the friendly community known as PokeCommunity. PC for short. We have a very interactive memberbase and we're glad to welcome you aboard.

Since your main interest is in ROM hacking, I'm happy to direct you to the Emulation section for that. PC is home to one of the largest ROM hacking communities of any Pokemon forum so you know you'll get good knowledge.

To start your journey on PC, come to our Adoption Center where our friendly mod Cirno will help you out by finding a mentor to guide you around, but there's a catch for those seeking Emulation mentors. They are only there to show you around and not to help with your hack, OK?

Well, have a fun time and feel free to message me or a moderator/admin!

- Hikari10
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