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Arc noticed she was staring at his eye, when they had entered the city he began to remember everything of his past. He spoke to his spirit So this is what Spark remembers every day, no wonder she is so sad. Arc had a heavy heart, he felt guilty for running away from his past.

The adults were furious, and had sent out a child with a pokespirit to investigate. "Kill any child that isn't in their quarters." The child they sent out bowed and unsheathed his sword. He ran outside investigating the city.

Arc was looking through the rubble of some buildings, the explosions were not so great and many hadn't even gone off. All in all most of the taverns were heavily damaged with a few casualties. Arc looked for children first, the ones he found he carried to a safe area near the exit, hidden. He wrote a note for one of them (he had minimal writing skills so the child he picked was one who could help him write and read it.) to give to Spark, in case he didn't make it out. The note read I remember our past, if your reading this then you can forget the past now. Please don't be angry. Arc sent the kid outside the gate, telling him exactly where she was and to read the note to the two girls he sees outside if there is a fight. The kid nodded and ran off and hid.

The spirit child looked around, buildings had displaced many kids and adults alike. He was about to slaughter every kid not in their quarters as directed but noticed a much more appropriate target. There was a boy carrying children from the rubble and debris. That is my target. He called out to the boy, chivalrously "You have made my masters angry and they have instructed me to kill you." He pointed his sword at the boy.

Arc knew running was useless, he would just be followed. Arc wasn't as strong without Spark, his minus ability wouldn't activate. Minun are you ready to truly merge, we've never done this before. After a yes he focused, marks of blue started showing up around his arms and hands. His eye also turned blue, he held out his sword and put an electrical charge through it. They stared at each other for what seemed like ages, suddenly they charged at each other.

Each strike of their sword caused sparks. The other boy wore a mask and was not faltering each strike was ruthless and fatal. The masked boy said nothing, not making a sound and Arc compared him to death itself. The only way he could keep up with him was by using his copycat ability and mirroring him. Arc felt hopelessly overpowered, Minun I don't think we will survive this. Suddenly the blue on his hands turned green. He felt much stronger and his electrical power was increased. It was like an adrenaline rush, he swung his sword, striking with so much force the masked boy was knocked over. He sent a large amount of electricity in a ball straight into his chest. The boy fell back still.

Arc felt weak, he had unmerged with minun and began walking out the city, he could feel the spirit was also drained, Hey minun, would you like to play the name game?
The little spirit replied yes, How about violet, do you like that? It's the same color as that flower we saw in a field once. Another agreement, Stay with me buddy. All he could wonder was if spirits could die.

Spark awoke to the face of Aria, she laughed tiredly "Enjoy the show?" She felt drained and weak, "I'm surprised you didn't kill me." She sat up and looked around, she didn't see Arc anywhere, "Hey where's Arc," Sh jolted up, she had just gave the name of her brother, "What did you do with him!" She couldn't quiet get up and pick the girl up but she could muster the strength to pull out her knife and weakly hold it up. "If you even so much as--"

Arc walked out the city, Spark put away her knife and began walking to him, she was relieved. Something happened that made her scream.

Arc tiredly walked toward his sister, picking up the pace a bit. He smiled at Spark, and was glad to see her up. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his chest. He looked down and noticed a blade Protruding from his chest, he fell over hearing a scream.

The masked boy had enough strength to follow Arc outside the city, he pulled his sword back and lunged it right through his back. His task complete the boy also fell over, now accepting death.

She let out a loud shriek, the sight gave her new strength, she no longer felt weak. She ran up to Arc's body. She took some cloth from the leg of her pants and tried to press it down on the wound. "Don't die, please don't I can help you, just live." She frantically tried to do everything she could, but there wasn't much she could do. He was breathing heavily, as if he couldn't get air.

Arc gurgled his last words, "Forget promise." He coughed and Spark became furious. Anger swelling up inside of her. Marks of dark red appeared on her left arm, green on her right. She could feel both plusle and minun in her mind, but she couldn't hear them, she couldn't even think. Suddenly it felt like she was watching from the eyes of another.

She stood up, electricity was lashing out from her like a lightning storm, it began raining. She walked into the city, clouded by rage, anyone who passed by was struck by lightning. Kids and adults were targeted, buildings where set on fire and lamp posts exploded, she was doing the only thing she thought was sane. Personally she was targeting children who were around the age to have spirits, she would yell at them, "You killed my brother." and kill them, though the one who did had died next to him.

Arc watched in agony as his sister walked off, he could no longer feel minun's spirit in his mind, he felt lonely. He called Aria over as best as he could, "Stop her." he coughed again, "Make her forget." He pointed to his neck, "Vial around her neck, forget." Every word was painful, but important he pointed to his sword and said his final words, "Humanity, Protect." He stopped breathing, he final view was of the sky and all of the smoke in it.
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