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    Now, we often have over generalized concepts or definitions of what love is.
    I am using love in the romantic sense as well.

    For instance, let's say someone defines love as,"when two people really care about each other."
    Is that really a complete definition, and beyond that, do some of you actually think it is not a prerequisite?

    There are hard philosophical battles that we have to go through when we consider what love is, or even what it means to us.

    To give a more simplified subject some scrutiny, I will use the example of the concept and definition of a 'chair' we sit on. What constitutes a chair? One might say, "It is something we sit upon", and we have a mental imagery of either a lazy boy, dining chair, etc. Does it need to have 1, 4, or even 48 legs? Can it be any object that fulfills the function of an object to sit upon? For instance is a tree trunk or another person a chair; you can sit on them? The short answer is that we have intangible ideas of what attributes are associated with a certain concept. There is really no clear definition of a chair, but we all understand what is meant when someone refers to the object. For instance, if a police officer says, "please sit on one of the chairs in the interrogation room." We know what they mean, although we cannot conceivably define what a chair is. Basically, for more complex situations, we can extract truth from what we know or observe by analyzing an institution at its most basic form without drawing to it our subjective ideas of what we commonly associate with the object or idea.

    Here are just some quick question, that may seem simple, but many may make you struggle:
    (Please suggest more questions for me to put on here in bold if you would like to add more parts to analyze. There are literally millions of questions we could ask about this subject.)

    With all of that in mind, how would you define love? (this is quite broad, but it's a good way to get the mental struggle started!)
    Can anyone define love any way they would like to ?
    Can anyone define love incorrectly? (i.e. pedophilia)
    Why are some people wrong?
    Does love involve two people?
    Does love involve certain genders/sexes?
    Why do we seek love?

    Please don't go into a same-sex marriage debate by the way.
    This is not about people's rights this is about what constitutes love.
    I know it's hard not to talk about. Try to be objective and open to discussions.

    I will let you know I have a prejudice against polygamy with my upbringing and society, but I would consider including that under the umbrella of "love", but I would first like to analyze it further. I don't condemn it or condone it since I know that I am not equipped with all perspectives and knowledge to make a logical argument for either side.

    Have fun!

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