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Originally Posted by thedudemister View Post
Yes. So I guess its a lot of work then, could you maybe direct me to some kind of tutorial where I may be able to figure out how to do it? I tried searching for a tutorial on how to write scripts but have had no luck so far. I am looking for something like the websites that show you had to do CSS or html. All I have been able to figure out so far is basic editing like moving things and changing some text.

You probably need to create a variable to put the damage number and put a update method in 'def pbGraphicsUpdate', something like:
if @damagenumber!=0
  do animation
  @damagenumber=0 if animation ended
I made a guide that show how simple scenes works in essentials I can't link here to others forums, so I can't post links to RGSS tutorials. Try to find on google. Note that to you make this damage pop up effect you needs a certain experience with programming.

Originally Posted by IceGod64 View Post
Um.... What?

Would'nt it be more efficient to just change
if @animatingHP
      if @currenthp<@endhp
      elsif @currenthp>@endhp
      @animatingHP=false if @[email protected]

if @animatingHP
      @currenthp = @endhp
For question 1: Yes! I only pasted a code that I made to my game a long time ago to HP bar speeds up.
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