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Kinda a merger idea, but my Tank Idea with poison type. It doesn't make a lot of sense, but Poison really needs a boost in power. There was a thread in this forum for Poison type Legendary, and honestly a Poison Pseudo-Legend would boost Poison types just as much.

It could help make some sense with the High HP, Def, and Sp. Def. Poison isn't a very offensive type. It relies on lowering Stats and inflicting Status effects, most if not all Poison types do both of these. Poisons (like real poisons) are strong in effect so they take a while to get rid of even with antidotes and Poisons can eventually become more resilient by adding to it. Basically what I'm saying that Poison has a high defense as a bacteria/virus and takes a while to die in some cases (High HP). So some super tank based on infecting and debilitating the opponent would be ideal for Poison types.

Also one hell of a Stall Pokemon XD
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