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Kale and Clare
Clare said goodbye to the demon. Kale said, "He seems nice."

Clare laughed, "Yeah, I'm surprised he wasn't going to rip our throats out."

"Naw, he looks like a bro."

"Stop listening to those stoners at school, nothing but nonsence." She pulled out her bass guitar, "Why don't we practice? We have a bit of time and it is pretty empty in here." She plugged her bass guitar into the amp, Kale did the same.

"Three, two, one." Clare yelled, they had no drummer so they had to keep the beat on their own, mostly off of Clare. They played loudly, the song was purely instrumental though. It was an upbeat, grunge sound with Kale distorting his guitar. Clare kept the beat, following his lead (a rare occurrence indeed). They slipped flawlessly into another song, softer with a clean amp effect but still energetic. This one was a song about natural disasters, and the how even tragedies were meant to happen. It was the one called Fate Thread. They didn't try to do Race Track because there were students coming in to watch and they didn't want to give everything away. As they walked out they bumped into twins.

"Oh sorry..." Kale looked at them and exclaimed, "Oh, wow twins! Are you guys psychics too?"
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