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Challenge Bowl ’12 – Update
The grass is greener on Gardenia's side
Season Score: 0 – 2

What a hectic journey from Jubilife City to the conclusion of my battle with Gardenia! My team and I battled it through the pair of plasma grunts hassling Professor Rown and my pokdex buddy Dawn, so I deicded to join forces with Dawn and give these guys a good galactic whoppin'. After they scuttled off like the bugs they are, I continued on my journey to Eterna City. I passed the upcoming route, and eventually reached Flaroma Town. I breathed in the fresh scent of the blooming flowers, but my sense of peace was interrupted as I had to aid a little girl in need after these suspicious galactic goons had taken her father captive. Battling my way in, I eventually encountered their leader, Mars. I lost to her ugly Purugly but won in the end.

Before I knew it I was already working my way through Eterna Forest with Cheryl. During our jounrey through the dense expanse of trees and greenery, Axolotl reached his first stage of evolution and evolved into the marsh-a-licious Marshtomp.

Reaching the clearing of the forest, I made my way onto the bridge before the bustling city and deicded to face the countless number of fisherman. One didn't seem he wanted a battle, but the others were surely eager. Unfortunately they were quite a drag; their Magikarps and Goldeens were no match for Shush who uproared them to defeat. After these consecutive wins, Shush evolved also, into the Loud-a-licious Loudred. With two second stage Pokemon surely defeating Gardenia would be a breeze right? Especially with Smoochy!

The battle begun between myself and Gardenia, with her sending out her cherubi and myself starting with Marshtomp. A terrible matchup yes, but I waned to save Smoochy and Shush for Roserade. Unfortunately I never managed to make it that far, and in fact her little cherubi knocked out every single team members after spamming growth and grass knot.

The rematch began almost instantly after my defeat, I collected some oran berries to equip Smoochy and Shush with, but they didn't need them as Smoochy dominated cherubi before switching out with Shush who took care of Turtwig. Loudred was soon knocked out however, Smoochy was able to prove number one against Roserade who was paralyzed by its duel with Shroomz, after Shroomz dealt it a nasty Stun Spore. Having won, I'm now able to move on, but the taste of true victory hasn't arrived, so my team, sadly, has lost it's second match of the season.

The current team stands as;

Axolotl - (Male) Lv.20, Adamant
- Mud Shot
- Bide
- Mud-Slap
- Water Gun

Shroomz - (Male) Lv.17, Modest
- Absorb
- Mega Drain
- Stun Spore
- Leech Seed

Shush - (Male) Lv.22, Rash
- Howl
- Headbutt
- Uproar
- Bite

Smoochy - (Female) Lv.22, Calm
- Confusion
- Sing
- Sweet Kiss
- Powder Snow
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