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Clare and Kale
They played loud an energeticly, getting the crowd pumped up. "The amp is loud and we're playing loud." Clare was singing the lyrics to Loud Speaker, fairly basic since it was the first song they wrote. Kale sang back up, though there really was no need for it in this song so he had more solos. Overall they did well, some witch had started a fire show and no problems had arisen. "... The sound waves stopping, the noise going down." Clare had a powerfull voice, inspiring even.

They song ended and Clare spoke to the crowd, well yelled at the crowd, "You guys pumped yet!?" She listened as a wave of yeses roared through the group. "You want to hear another!?" Another wave of agreements and screaming began. "ONE, TWO, THRE, FOUR." Kale started Fate thread off, this one was a bit softer though still loud. "I'm hanging by my fingertips as I look below." Clare sang, Kale repeating the last word, "The string is coming loose, I feel like it will go." Kale gave a drawn oh, "I'm so powerless, the world is so ruthless." The tempo picked up, the chorus was starting. "I'm hanging by a fate thread! At any moment I could be dead, my friend fixing my bed! I'm hanging by a fate thread! Theres turmoil in my head as I look down and see my graaaa-Aave" A hard strum and the chorus ended. Overall the audience loved it, the crowd was louder this time than during Loud Speaker.

Their final song wasn't played due to an encore of Fate Thread, they stepped off the stage tired and breathing hard, Kale spoke up "I haven't played that hard since Toronto." Clare laughed, "You did well singing too, we really riled the crowd up."

Clare agreed,"I'm surprised we didn't mess up fate thread, you always mess up during the chorus." They packed up their guitars and safely put them backstage, then they started to mingle. They met Maggy and O who congratulated them, (Mostly Maggy, O wasn't a huge fan of rock.) and they met the psychic twins from earlier who also gave them a compliment, (though neither of them seemed to actually care.). O made a comment on a traditional dance that would be coming up that he was excited for.

They also met a small girl named Lucy and her Cat, she claimed they were both students but Clare and Kale figured she was really just pretending and pat her head. The next performance would be on soon and they figured it was the witches from earlier so they got front row seats (well stood at the front of the crowd, anyone in seats would be unable to see.
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