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Originally Posted by Majesticrose View Post
Hihi, everyone! I'm new to this site. But, not new to the world of pokemon! My first game was Pokemon Ruby. I started rather late because I didn't have money for a game system until Ruby/Sapphire had just came out. So, being the typical kid, I bought the newest game. However, since then I have played the older ones, and the even newer ones of course!
This is my second forum site ever. I'm still pretty new to the idea, but I love it. The other forum site I used is for Kingdom Hearts. Man, I love that game series. But anyway, I'm here for Pokemon!
The main reason that made me look up a forum site for Pokemon is because Black 2 and White 2 are coming out! I'm not sure which to preorder, but I plan on it later today! I'm leaning more towards Black 2 because of the Challenge mode...
But anywho, I look forward to talking to everyone!
Bonjour Majestic, I'm MidnightShine, your loyal servant. Nah, just kiddin but i can be a great friend ! Welcome to the ever wonderful haven, PokeCommunity.

Hey, Ruby? Me too. I ended up playing Pokemon just becoz I saw someone at the hospital playing it, lol xD Are u a B2W2 fan? I'm its biggest fan, I even created a hash tag for myself --> #B2W2BiggestFan. Neat, eh? If you're in need of a B2W2 senior, you can always go to PC's Official Adoption Center & find yourself a mentor there, there even are other types of mentors too.

Here at PC, we have lots of different boards for u to explore, Your Highness. From B2W2, likely your fav to Other Trivia, where great games are made, there's sure to be something that suits you. We have lots of friendly members too, like me. If you have any probs here at PC, you can always contact an awesome staff member.

Remember to read the rules! Contact me though VM (at my page) if you wanna chat. Send me a friend request, will ya~?

Have fun~

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