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Clare had no idea what a zodiac was so she just smile and nodded, "I honestly have never heard of a zodiac before, I spent most of my time on the streets and when I came to live with the Summers I was too old to actually go to school." She was pretty embarrassed, she felt so ignorant, "But Summers knows all about that stuff, he always came home and taught me things like that."

Kale called out, "I hope the boy Ryan hurries up, we need to be out right now!"

Clare turned to the boy, "Well um Kazan, thank you for the generous acceptance," she handed him her cell number and Kale's cell number, "Call either of us when we can come in." Clare turned toward the stage after giving a bow (she couldn't remember if that was the polite thing to do so she did it anyways.).

On stage Ryan was still not back, "We're going to have to stall, if we start without him it would be rude." Clare announced. She turned toward the mic, "Hey everyone, you guys remember me?" A large uproar from the crowd, Clare gave a confident laugh, "Okay, I'll take that as a yes. Well right now we aren't going to do a rock song." A wave of disappointed aws sprouted, "Now, now everyone no need for that." She laughed again, "What I'm going to do is a ballad, so grab that girl closest to you and it is your turn to dance." Many of the people paired up, some with their partners others with dates. "There you guys go! We are waiting for one last member and we can get this started."

Other Students
Maggy paired up with O, he had been teaching her how to dance for weeks now (much to her pleas to learn how to use his lab equipment). They practiced a bit while waiting for the music to start, like some other students who didn't have much experience. O lead the dance, tolerating when Maggy would mess up.

The psychic Kira backed out of the dance, she didn't like people and wouldn't dance with anyone. Her twin sister Sara on the other hand chose Elizabeth's brother Dux (though she wanted to dance with O). Dux was pretty bad at dancing so all the practicing Sara had done had gone to waste.

Lucy danced with Elizabeth, though they kind of light copied O and Maggy, just because it was fun and ended up doing something more of a jig than a slow dance.

The other students were getting ready, standing patiently, or looking for a girl to pair up with. Overall the tone of the party was pretty peaceful.
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