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*~Shiny & Tough~ (Steel-Type Fan Club)*: First Official Quiz~

*This quiz is only for our members*

Hello everyone, the long awaited quiz is here. Again, all rules are below, please read before taking this quiz:

1) Try not to search for the answers.
2) All entries that are posted here will not be accepted.
3) You are not to ask any other members here for help.
4) Do not rush for the results.
5) Have fun taking it.

All completed entries must be sent to me via PM. If not, your entry won't be counted.

The quiz is in a spoiler below & good luck, guys.

1) Name one of Lucario's Egg Moves with this description:
The user hardens its body's surface like iron, sharply raising its Defense stat.
2) At what level does Pawniard evolve?

3) What is Metagross's species clarification?

4) Which two Pokemon are the results of their pre-evolution forms being traded while holding a Metal Coat?

5) How many Pokemon learn Metal Burst through level up?

6) How does Magneton evolve? (Must include both Gen 4 & Gen 5 methods)

7) What is Genesect's ability?

8) Name this Pokemon with this Pokedex entry:
It is thought its body transformed as a result of iron accumulating internally from swallowing soil.

The first two who sends in their entries with correct answers will win the Genesect's. As for the other two, they will win the special Aron's.

Once again, good luck~