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    Name: Dmissor Avarice

    Nickname: Pardon (A Canterbury Tales reference)

    Age: 13

    Sex : Male

    Appearance: His black hair makes a sharp contrast to his sickly pale skin. Twin cowlicks that take the shape of ears or horns have eventually made their way into his hair. His milky white eyes have an almost crystal-like glint to them, as they reflect light in odd angles. When he smiles, one might notice that his teeth are sharpened to a dangerous point. On his chest is a blood red ruby that is about the size of a large coin.
    He wears pants that were once white, but have been crudely dyed purple. He wears a similarly dyed jacket that has belts cascading from the arms, and strange buckles down the back, like a restraining device of some kind…

    Personality: Pardon only enjoys the company of those who amuse him. Whether the amusement is through their weakness, strength, or actual friendship makes no difference. His sanity is dangerously fractured. He has a flawed understanding of life, and may even laugh at the wrong occasion. He can’t focus his thoughts enough to plan, so he tends to either run away from anything dangerous, or take orders from someone who does have a plan. This does not stop him from playing with certain people to see if they make amusing responses. If he wants something, he will try hard to get it, including killing someone to get it. He’s been chased from multiple towns for violently attacking people for downright unintelligent reasons. His diet consists of minerals and gem stones.

    History: Dmissor Avarice only recently received a Pokespirit on Mt. Coronet, but for some strange reason, their two personalities fused. It took a month for their personalities to fully assimilate into a single dominant personality. What was left was a new entity that continued to called itself Pardon. Pardon’s instability was weak at first, having only started at the age of 12, but it had been growing since then.

    Species: Sableye

    Personality: When the Sableye linked with Pardon, they were permanently fused into a single entity.

    Moves: Shadow Sneak, Taunt, Will-o-Wisp, Recover, Shadow Ball, and Toxic

    Other: After fusing with Sableye, his flesh took on the properties of the Sableye’s flesh. It’s a strange composite material that can turn he can use to turn intangible.

    Opening Post :
    Shadow… Shadow…. Shadow…

    Slowly and lethargically, Pardon counted the trees that he passed under, pointing to each shadow individually. This shadow… Is different…. He knelt down and pushed his nose to the shadow blanketed ground and sniffed. I smell... Dirt and grass... He wrinkled his nose in disgust before putting his ear to the ground.

    “Uh-huh… Uh-huh…” he mumbled, nodding his head. He sat down and crisscrossed his legs, Medicham style. His right arm fell under his chin as he pushed his straining brain to it's limits…

    “I think…” he started, licking his triangle shaped teeth as he paused, “I think this shadow… It’s… It’s… IT’S" He shot to his feet and threw his head back, "YELLOW!” He screamed the word to the full moon above him. Pardon held that last “O” note as long as he could, A long howl of worship to the giant pearl in the sky. As he finished with a heavy wheeze, he grinned manically and continued his march to the lights in the distance.

    Shadow… Shadow… Shadow….
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