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Alright, I really liked the old thread, so I decided to bring it back from the dead.
I suggest you read those rules because they do a better job of explaining it than me. xD
So, basically you use this generator to determine what your Pokemon life is like. Make sure you set the number of Pokemon to six. These Pokemon will represent the following:
1. The Pokemon you're going to be tomorrow
2. Your Pokemon Parents
3. Your Girl/Boy Friend
4. Your Rival
5. Your Best Friend
6. Your Pet
Please don't cheat by plugging in favorites, and have fun.
So here are my results.
1. The Pokemon you're going to be tomorrow: Latias. <3
2. Your Pokemon Parents: Politoed. Not to bad.
3. Your Girl/Boy Friend: Gastrodon....Eww.
4. Your Rival: Elektross. It has no weakness!
5. Your Best Friend: Thundurus. AWW YEAH.
6. Your Pet: Magby. Its so cute. :3
Not too bad of a life.
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