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Brown Matthews

Gulping down a mouthful of wine, Brown cursed himself silently. He walked his sorry ass all the way back to his cabin. Walking in, the sight caught him off guard. The cabin floors were clean as a whistle, which was odd. He distinctly remembered leaving this cabin in a foot trail of soil the last time he left. Which couldn't have been less than thirty minutes ago. Had someone else been here? Perhaps his brothers had returned from their quest and felt the impulse to clean!

As he gazed over towards their beds, that conclusion seemed more and more unlikely. Their beds and possessions had not be disturbed, not even by an inch, someone else had been here. The feeling made him uneasy, he glanced around nervously as if something was about to go down. Brown ducked and rolled over to his side of the room, goblet still in hand, which might've been a little bit unnecessary. He could've easily just as well backed his way towards his bed, but that was just lame. He kept his eyes alert as he reached up to his drawer, grabbing around with his free hand.

He felt the large pouch that usually contained his bolts, but pulling it down to him he realized it was empty. Opening the bag, Brown dug his head, or what fit into it, it had been cleaned out completely.

"I believe you're looking for these?" Usually Brown might've been freaked, but the voice belonging to the spoken words was more than familiar. He looked up to see his link, tossing the bolts at a dart board positioned all the way across the room.

Brown frowned, "Could you please not use my bolts for that, of all things. I would even prefer if you used them to gouge me eyes out."

"Plausible, but I believe that that would not benefit me any more than it would you, Brown."

"At least I wouldn't have to witness this." Interrupting their conversation, the camp loud horn roared into the cabin. Brown took another sip of wine. "My bolts, please?"

The bug complied, tossing a handful of sharp bolts into the bag Brown held out. They went in base first, otherwise the sharp heads would've tore right through the pouch. Brown tied his ammunition to the hip of his left leg. As he was about to leave, he turned to Demetrius. "You're not coming?"

"It's not necessary, besides I must conserve my energy for the night." The link was lost, concentrating on his one man game of darts. He decided not to bother him further, besides, it was rare for the Ledian to even be up at this time of day. The bug pokemon was definitely concerned about something, but he did a damn good job keeping it confined from Brown.

Sighing, the demigod stepped out from cabin doors. Campers were gathering at center of camp, from the looks of it, Capture The Flag was going to take up the rest of Brown's afternoon. He took another drink from his goblet as he made his way into the crowd of fellow campers.
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