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    (Hey guys, just got accepted and wasn't sure how to pop in, so I went ahead and wrote this in the hopes that someone would be willing to join me in the roleplay)

    Tetsu slowly began to awaken after a long night's sleep, his eyes slowly peeling apart and letting a clear view of the ceiling seep through. After simply lying in bed for a few moments, he pulled himself up and off of the small, rough cot he was sleeping on. Shooting Ralts a quick metal "Good Morning", he then turned his gaze to the room around him only to see that the rest of the children were still a sleep.

    For several months, he had been sharing a small house on the edge of the Children's City with several other occupants, making the best of what he had available. In such dangerous times, there was safety found in numbers, and considering his fairly mediocre skills in battle, he had no choice but to find a group of his own.

    Quietly making his way out of the building, he walked around the side and plopped himself down beside a tree. Then, reaching into his pants, he pulled out his great grandfather's old journal and began to flip through the familiar pages, taking in the many sketches of pokemon long dead. Coming across a picture of a Ralts, he began to smile, giving his partner a mental nudge.

    You were tiny back then, he mused, only getting a warm surge of emotion as a reply. Ralts rarely spoke.

    A thoughtful expression crossing his face as a though entered his mind, he pushed further.

    Will you ever be like that again?

    At this, Tetsu could feel a sea of emotion erupting from his partner. Taking a few moments to think it over, Ralts gave him a reply in his high-pitched mental voice.

    It depends on humanity, I guess. You caused this, and it'll be like this until Arceus changes his mind.

    Leaving the conversation at that, Tetsu resumed flipping through the book, the idea of pokemon returning in full weighing heavily on his mind.

    (Edit: Left out the italics where the mental speech was supposed to be. It's fixed. Sorry about that.)
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