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Mentor List

Mentor List

Cirno - Global [Available]
Adopted: PokeInfuse, Urugamosu, Mewtwomew
Hi there, I'm Cirno, a 21 year old artist! I'm currently majoring in digital art. I really like to draw - it's one of my favorite things to do! I started computer art around 2004 or 2005 with MS Paint before moving onto oekakis and then, finally, programs like Open Canvas before settling into SAI. I also have experience in pixel art, graphics, and writing.

Art aside, I like to watch anime and obsessively lurk PC in my spare time. I'm not much of a console gamer (go MMOs/computer games!), but my all-time favorites are Pokemon (of course!) and Okami (as well as Okamiden). The internet eats up most if not all of my spare time, though... it's just so addicting. >: I'm also pretty open-minded so I can easily accept differences. Oh, and what's important is that I don't actually like/play Touhou haha (I'd change my username in a heartbeat if I could). I just happened to think Cirno was cute!

I was modded to New Users / Welcome on August 25th, 2012, so my mentor section went from Art Gallery to global (meaning I can tour you around the whole place), though I still specialize in the Art & Design. That's pretty much all about me; I look forward to meeting you guys!

Cid - Global [Available]
Adopted: SonGom, liskinsforwins
Hey guys! My name's Cid, and I'm another New Users / Welcome mod like Cirno above me. I'm a 17 year old Physics major studying in my first few years in university. I have a passion for video games, specifically JRPGs, plus anything Nintendo-related. If it fits that category, then I probably know about it at least, haha. Favorite franchises would be Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy (my username came from this series, haha), Earthbound and Pokémon! Also Homestuck but that is a special case (hint: it's not a video game). o3o I love to battle competitively, particularly B2W2 NU and OU! I'm also an anime fan. :> Plus I make icons and tags at my own time, so I suppose I know a few tricks (although I could use much more, haha).

PC-wise, I've been here since March 2008. I've been inactive in my earlier years after months of being crazy active while new, but now I consider myself juuust fairly active. n_n Sections that I love to visit (probably listed them in decreasing order of how much I post apart from the unspecific Pokémon board) are New Users / Welcome, Other Voting Polls, both Trivia sections, Battle Center, Art & Design, Video Games, Japanese Entertainment, Other Clubs, and the occasional Pokémon board. :3 I also love going to PC's Pokémon Showdown Battle Server (affiliated with Battle Center) under the username Cider. Note that I'm in GMT +8 and I usually come in late afternoon til midnight in my time, which means from dawn until noon for the West, lol. I'm also pretty friendly so I'd love a VM from you (especially if it's about one of my interests, whee). ;D I type really slowly though, so I may take a while to reply. (b'')b

I became a New Users / Welcome moderator on January 3, 2013, and I only became a mentor at that same day so I didn't get to specialize in a particular area before going global. But it's just the way I like it, I guess! I go to way too many sections. c: Anyway, that's all for now! I can't wait to meet everyone, and if you're my future mentee, then that's you! I'll be pleased to finally meet you. <3

Kura - Global (Mentor Capacity: 1) [Available]
Adopted: ThatSuperHappyCloud
Heya! I'm Kura; and I've been at PC for almost 9 years! I wanted to be a mentor because I love this place, and I have met such amazing people her and I've had great experiences on this forum- I would love for new members to take as much from this place as I do.

I'm a 22 year old originally from Toronto, Canada who now resides in the UK. I am a 3D Animator at SEGA (working now on the Total War series) and I absolutely love all things art. Other than that, I am a big fan of videogames, Japanese/ nerdy things, cosplay, writing, and I am generally happy to converse about pretty much any topic.

I'm here as a "Global" mentor because I tend to post just about everywhere on PC besides some of the more tech savvy places. So if you are looking for someone who knows a ton about ROMs or how to fix some Webcode.. I generally wouldn't be your go-to person (sorry!) But for anyone who wants a bit of the whole Pokecommunity experience, and who doesn't just want to stick to one forum, I'm your girl!

If you are wanting to chat, but don't specifically want me as your mentor, you can usually find me around the Other Voting Polls section, or in the Daily Chit Chat (DCC) in the Other Chat section! Otherwise leave me a VM! I wont bite and I love meeting new people!

Leaf Storm (Previously Meganium90) - Global [Available]
Adopted: Pokemaster234
Heya peeps. First of all, welcome aboard to the community, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to you from a great member that is myself! My name is Megan, which is short for my favorite Pokemon, Meganium! I'm 22 years old and I've been a member of this lovely community for almost three years! I joined the community mainly for ROM Hacking, then moved on Pokemon Anime, Fanfiction Writing, and basically became an active member on most sections on PC. During my time at PC, I became a New Users/Welcome moderator, and founded this program! Yep! You're reading the mentor bio of the PokeCommunity Adoption Center founder! Aside from that, I am a strong PC supporter, and I hosted various events in get-togethers.

I am a huge fan of My Little Pony, Pokemon (obv), Anime, Video Games, and technology. I love to write and I love to roleplay. Nowadays, I'm a lurker in most sections. The sections I frequent the most are New Users/Welcome, Pokemon Black & White, General Pokemon Gaming, Pokemon Anime, Pokemon/Other Clubs., Roleplay Corner, Video Games, Technology & The Internet, and Other Voting Polls. I am a Global Mentor. What does that mean? That means I'm a mentor for every section on PC, and that includes Emulation and other sections that I don't frequent often. Like I said, I lurk in every section, so I do have knowledge on most of the stuff that happens in every section. :)

So, are you ready to be mentored? Do you want a mentor that can take you around any section you want, or you just simply want someone to guide you through the basics of PC? I'm always available! My inbox, and VM wall are always open to anything. Have fun at PC and I hope to see you around! :)

Twilight Sky - New Users / Welcome [Available]
Hey everyone! Twilight Sky here. Where should I start....

I've been at PC since mid-2005, by a different account, of course! If you want to know, I was Twilight Sky(and a bunch of other old names, but we won't get into that!). I'm a pretty fun person, at least I'd like to imagine myself that way. I have a pretty crazy and random sense of humour, and I'm also hugely distracted because obviously I can't bother with prioritizing myself, so as a result I end up doing multiple things at one time. 8D;

I'll be your mentor for New Users/Welcome. :3 I figured that, during these 7 1/2 years or so of being here, I might as well pay back the favor PC has done for me, by welcoming the new generation of users that are occupying the forum by storm, just about! If there's anything else you'd like to know, don't hesitate to send me a PM. I have more than enough unused space in my PM box waiting to be used, after all. XD

Jellicent♀ - Black 2 & White 2 [Available]
Hola, I'm Jellicent♀! You can call me whatever you want, however. I've been here at Pokecommunity for just a short time myself, and I remember how easy it was to get lost in a section of the forum. I hated getting lost, and when I had a question, a moderator or administrator was right there to help. This made me feel good, and I wanted to, ever since, make other people feel just as good when they enter a section.

Though my knowledge pretty much only covers Black 2 and White 2, my knowledge on the section/game(s) is very extensive. These have to be my favorite games to date. I am constantly researching already known facts about the games, as well as rumors, and participating in topics and discussions about the games, to further my knowledge on the games. With the interactions I have had with other users and fans, I am confident I am able to answer most of the questions one may have of this particular section.

Forever - Black & White, Battle Center [Available]
Hiii! I'm Forever, or you can call me Nica if you want, since that's my nickname and generally what people call me. :3 I'm 20, I live with my grandparents, over here in Australia! My favourite show is Glee, with my favourite character being Rachel (...x Finn). I currently have a dog and birds and some fish, and I used to own a whole lot of other animals in the past but they've unfortunately passed away!

I'm crazy. I love Herdier. And thus, I love Black and White. Yes, what I just said is quite logical. I cover Black and White and Battle Center in this Adoption Center! A few little things though, if I'm mentoring you for battling, then you'll probably end up using a battling simulator (ya, fun stuff!) aaand if I'm mentoring you for Black and White, then we shall talk in general. n__n Also feel free to yell at me if I suck with PMs sometimes. XD;

Now onto why I mentor those sections!

For Black and White, I've been moderating it since August 2010. I love both games more than anything else I've ever played and I'm probably the most pro-Black and White person you'll ever meet. Ever. I've restarted Black many times, and I've had three playthroughs, two on Black, and one on White. I know pretty much everything about the games (or so I'd like to think - but anything except for wifi not working and so on, I totally know all about it!) White is my primary game, and I've completed the Unova Dex, and I've got around six level 100 Pokemon in Black (all Unova-native). I'm sure after reading this biography you want to post in Black and White, it's okay, you can attend to your urge now.

As for the battling side of things, I've been a regular in Battle Center since around August 2011. That's pretty much when I started battling! I can teach you the basics and all that and I generally know the most annoying things in OU, as well as a bit of NU, too. I haven't really gotten into the other tiers but I intend to at some point! Also I'll be encouraging you to post in CBC, so be prepared for that! :3

In conclusion both sections are amazing and I love them both.

Also, a final bit about me, I've also been here since 2005 (pretty much non-stop, scarily!) and other than those sections I can also help you out with pretty much any other questions about PC's history or whatever, too, because I know a lot of that. :)

PICK MEEEE. /speech end

PlatinumDude - Battle Center [Available]
Adopted: lineofdeath
Hey, guys; this is PlatinumDude. I'm 18 and currently a senior in high school.

I don't remember exactly when I got into Pokemon, but I do remember getting into it by watching the show and collecting the cards. I didn't play the video games until I was in 4th grade. Right now, the video games are my way of enjoying the franchise, but I still catch up to the show every now and then.

Outside of Pokemon, I watch several other anime shows, including Naruto, Bleach and Yu-Gi-Oh. Speaking of Yu-Gi-Oh, I still collect the cards, even though I don't play the game itself as much outside of the video games (yes, there are Yu-Gi-Oh video games out there) because I can't find anyone to play the game with. D:

As the tutor of the Battle Center, I'll try my best to teach you the basics of competitive battling, like EVs, movesets and building teams. Some of the concepts may be hard at first, but you'll eventually get used to it.

Well then, that's it for me. If you have some questions, feel free to VM me!

Curious. - Fourth Generation Games, Other Voting Polls [Available]
Hey, I’m Curious. But you can just call me Nathan or Nath for short. I’m 16, Male and reside in the wonderful country of Australia. I joined The PokeCommunity three years ago in 2009, as a little Poke’ nublet, but I think it’s safe to say that I’m a nublet no more! I’m an avid fan of Pokemon mainly the Fourth Generation (HGSS) and grew up playing the GSC series – I could say it was the series that got me hooked onto the Pokemon franchise.

Outside of PC, and in life in general, I’m just your average 16 year old teen in year 10. I’m currently studying a variety of subjects in hopes to gain a career in Medicine. Apart from the Pokemon Franchise I’ve taken a keen interest in an array of other video games such as Call of Duty (Although I’m terrible at it-- but improving!), Minecraft, Skyrim and The Sims. I like pretty much any music that makes we want to get off my feet and dance, and am a huge fan of The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, and Big Brother.

I’m the current moderator of the Fourth Generation Gaming board, and would love to show you around. I’m also seen quite actively posting in Other Voting Polls, so if you need a mentor to show you around any of those two areas, feel absolutely free to request! Also, if you have any question about PC in general, or just want to chat don’t be hesitant to ask/send me a VM or a PM!

Rainbow Arcanine - Fourth Generation Games [Available]
Hi there :3! I'm Rainbow Arcanine but you can call me Rainbow for short if you prefer. I've been on PC myself for around a few months and what a ride it has been <3, with making new friends, chatting, posting and really enjoying myself :3. I mentor the 4th Generation Games Section, a cosy place to discuss D/P/Pt and HG/SS <3, so if you pick me I can show you around the section and if you have any questions you're free to ask <3!

I'm the youngest of the mentors, but I promise I'll try my best to help you out in anyway I can and make sure PC is an enjoyable place for you :3.

Outside of PC, I'm an average girl who lives in Sydney and one day hopes to be either an author or work for companies like Square ENIX and Nintendo, for either scripting or artwork designing. I have a passion for dessert, especially ice cream and an endless love of animals <333, including wolves and mythical creatures like the phoenix, some of my other hobbies are trying out new games and reading novels.

I also love meeting new friends so if you ever want to chat whether I'm your mentor or not, feel free <3. I don't bite! That's me for now, see you around <3!

bobandbill - Fourth Generation Games, General Pokemon Gaming, Fan Fiction & Writing [Unavailable]
I've joined PC for fanfics originally back in 2008 and have written, read, beta-read and reviewed fics since 2007 in my spare time as well as help judge a number of PC writing competitions, so I feel I have a fair bit of experience now. I'm also one of the current two mods of the Fan Fiction and Writing sections and subsections, and run the Beta Place system. I like to help out and give advice to new writers on their work; often reviews I make touch on stuff I thought was good and what I felt could be improved and how so.

I used to be a moderator of the 4th Generation Games section after modding the former HGSS section since prior to their Japanese releases, and have played both HGSS and DPPt extensively. I know more than I should about the Pokemon games in general as well and so am often reading and commenting on threads in the gaming discussion sections.

As for myself, I'm a twenty year old Aussie who mods multiple Pokemon forums while teaching karate and studying science at uni and a strong love for pastries, whose first experience with Pokemon was a modest amount of trading cards and Silver. I have been trapped ever since! Fairly easy going I suppose as long as you're reasonable too, and happy to help others with questions and requests I'm able to help with.

Sydian - General Pokemon Gaming, Challenges, Trade Corner [Available]
Hi, name's Sydian, but most people just call me Syd or Syddy. I've been at PC for 4 years and a moderator for 3 years, so I think I've got the ropes of this place by now. I'm passionate about Pokemon gaming in all generations and in various spin off games. Challenges are where my main focus usually goes when it comes to Pokemon though. I also love to trade and RNG Pokemon. So if any of that interests you, I guess I'm your kinda person. I'm pretty easy going and I love helping people out, especially those that are eager and willing to learn. So yeah!

Livewire - Trade Corner, Off-Topic [Available]
Hiya! I'm Livewire, aka Nick, aka Live, etc. I'm one of the Other Chat & Discussions Moderators with my bro Razor Leaf. I've been on PC since July of 2009, and I've been Staff since December 2010. In addition to the Off-Topic Sections, I've been running one of the Forums' oldest Trade threads for some time now, if you ever need anything Pokemon, be sure to stop by. Music wise, I love Rock music and everything Batman. I could blab here forever, so just get to know me for the rest!

TwilightBlade - Trade Corner [Available]
Adopted: izaahgertsema
Heya, I'm TwilightBlade! Most call me Blade. Nope, I'm not scary at all. I'm very sweet. I'm an animal lover, university student, graphics maker, and girl gamer. I'm a huge Sonic the Hedgehog and Borderlands fan. You can read a lot about my personality on my profile page. I'm a little random, haha!

I've been in the Wi-Fi trading community since May 2007. I've done over 7000 trades and I own just about all the main Pokemon games. I have extensive knowledge of EV training, IV breeding, RNG abusing, CSS coding, and so on, which are important skills to have if you wanna fully enjoy Pokemon trading. If you're not sure what some of those topics are, I will gladly teach you whatever suits your interests. I can help you design awesome trade shops and help you get valuable Pokemon. I'm also available in the #tradecorner chatroom for live assistance.

tabor62 - Trade Corner [Available]
Adopted: ClumzyTrainR13
Hey there, I'm tabor62, though you can call me Tabor if you would like. I'm a senior in high school that loves retro games, Pokemon, and cats to name a few things. I'm also an SPA on Wiki Answers, so if you have any random questions about the game, I may be able to answer them for you. Though I have not done hundreds or thousands of trades, I have a fairly extensive knowledge on EV training, RNG abuse, and trade etiquette.

I desire to teach newbies to the Trade Corner: proper etiquette, how to run a successful trade thread, and tips on getting desirable Pokemon.
I can be found on the Trade Corner chatroom going by my username between the hours of 3pm to 10pm PST if you need quicker assistance or just want to chat.

Toujours - Pokemon General [Available]
Hi there I'm Toujours! I'm on PC pretty much every day, and try to spread myself around the forum a bunch. I'm the moderator of Pokemon General so I know that section really well of course, but I'm also a HUGE fan of Black and White so that section is near and dear to my heart. Outside of those two I also spend quite a bit of time in the serious debates in the Other Chat section, that can to anything from internet censorship, to new laws that affect our world today, to the banning of alcohol and welfare. I'm also very big on the irc (chat channel) on PC, so if you're interested in chatting I'll be there whenever I'm at my computer.

Outside of PC, I enjoy programming and writing poetry mostly. I live in Midwestern US where I go to college, but my permanent home is on the East Coast. I love MMORPGs to death and more than anything online just enjoy talking to people. My general interests include bacon, the smell of gasoline, and being completely inappropriate most of the time.

If you feel like that sounds like a good fit for you, great! If not, feel free to drop me a VM anytime, we can still be friends :3

BinaryPeaches - Pokemon Trivia, Other Trivia [Available]
Hello! My name is BinaryPeaches, but you may call me Tara. I've been a member of PokeCommunity since July of 2008, but it wasn't until May-June of 2009 when I really became active, and wounded up in one of the two sections I mod: Other Trivia. Since then, I've also found myself wound up in the other place I moderate: Pokemon Trivia. Since September of 2010, I've been Moderator of Pokemon Trivia, and since October of 2010 I've been Moderator of Other Trivia! That said, feel free to come ask me any questions that you have about the trivia sections, PokeCommunity in general, or even hit me up with a casual conversation! I'm a fan of many things, including Naruto, Detective Conan, Ace Attorney, and my all time favorite series (also known as 'My Bible) Tales of Symphonia! I don't bite, promise!

AlexOzzyCake - Pokemon Clubs [Available]
Adopted: RoreyG, clay10mc
Hi, I'm AlexOzzyCake but feel free call me Ozzy. I first joined the community whilst searching for some new friends that shared my interests, but it ended up becoming so much more than that! I mainly post in the Pokemon based sections since I'm a true Pokefan at heart, but the other sections can be very interesting to read through too. The main section I post in is Pokemon Clubs - an area full of friendly and welcoming Pokemon based fan clubs for everyone to join and make friends in. I also hang out a lot in the Pokemon Trivia section which is great for relaxing, and occasionally the battle and trade sections too for a bit of competitive fun. Other than Pokemon, I also love guitar, cooking and squirrels, as well as helping people as much as possible. So that's me in a nutshell, bye!

donavannj - Pokemon Trading Card Game [Available]
I am a 21 year old college graduate who spends his free time reading, playing video games, browsing the internet, or going to nerdy shops to buy nerdy things.

I have been a regular at the TCG section of PC for the past 3 years, seeing it go through its ups and downs before becoming moderator there this past August. I am a collector of the cards and do like to play as well. Though the TCG isn't my only hobby!

Derozio - Art & Design [Available]
Hello there, I'm Derozio! People here call me 'derodero' more often, though. Real name's Vikalp. You can use that as well! :D I am from India and am, as of now, a student currently studying in a government school in 12th standard - practically my final year before I enter a university. I enjoy playing video games and making graphics. Oh, and anime. I love anime too. <3; I look over Art & Design on Pokécommunity. If you have even a little bit of an interest in Art and would like to know the Art Section more, feel free to ask me for assistance any time. I don't really know how people perceive me but I think I'm a pretty friendly guy - pretty sure you'll have fun with me. <3; So yes, feel free to contact me if you think I'm needed! :]

PkMnTrainer Yellow - Roleplay Corner [Available]
Adopted: TekuraSenmara
Greetings! To start with you may call me Marin, or Yellow, if you wish. If there's any section of PokeCommunity I'm passionate about it's the Roleplay Corner. You can tell because it's the only place I'm reaaally active anymore. While I've posted in a fair selection of boards on PC, mostly Other Chat and New Users / Welcome, the Roleplay Corner is my only 'permanent' residence. Whether you're new to PC or just haven't been posting yet it would be my pleasure to adopt you. If you need help learning the ins and out of the board, or just want a friend, I'm yours. I've written multiple guides for the RPC, and helping others (and GMing) seems to be considered one of my strongpoints as an RPer. I GM what is quite arguably the most successful RP to date and while lots of work has been put into it I've heard others refer to it as being very friendly to newcomers.

To tell you a bit about myself; I've got no real offline social life. I like to game and often play PC games, though I'm also a Wii gamer with Brawl. I also enjoy arranging video game music in various styles, mostly 8 and 16 bit. Most of my time however is spent roleplaying and/or socializing. My favorite types of games tend to be shooter / action types, and my favorite types of music tend to be anything that gets my adrenaline pumping, though I'm also quite partial to instrumentals. I have my own personal little website detailing the profiles of most of my characters in-depth, and have an extremely nerdy level of knowledge in Pokemon lore. I would also say that I'm a very nice, caring person. I've also been told that I can be very tolerant and forgiving, so you shouldn't be afraid to trust me~

Lastly, I'm available via MSN/WLM or just forum PMs / VMs. It's all up to you~

Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers - Roleplay Corner [Available] (Mentor Capacity: 1)
Adopted: Deloop
Yo. I'm Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers but hardly no one bothers typing that out so you can call me Red or Rika if you think that sounds nicer. I've been around PC since late 2007 and I've been active in the Roleplay Corner since 2010. I was the moderator there in 2011 but retired because of a busy offline life and nowadays it's still my home on the web. Roleplaying on PC is not all about pokémon. We have a wide range of franchises and we're like a friendly mini-community within the PokéCommunity. I still haven't found a forum roleplaying community that is as polite and alive and fun as PC's RP Corner. I just can't leave it :3

I'm not very active in other sections of PC anymore, but if you know that roleplaying is what you want to try out, I'll probably be a good choice of mentor for you. To get you started, I can teach you where to post what, what to post when, what to put in a post and how to write, and I can also help you to find a roleplay to join as well as help you if you want to create a roleplay of your own. You can always throw me a VM or PM if you have spontaneous (or well thought out) questions, even if I'm not your mentor :3

Miss Doronjo - Roleplay Corner [Available]
Hello, my name is Miss Doronjo! Actually it Shawn, but most people call me Doronjo anyhow. In any case my young friends, I am an ecstatic, eccentric, and joyous individual who would love to tell and show you all about the Roleplay Corner. First, I should tell you why I love the Roleplay Corner; roleplaying is amazing. It allows you to express yourself, showing off your overall creativity by acting as an ideal character, in your own little tale. I myself, go for the more comical aspects and try to make my roleplay stories funny for all to enjoy. <3

As for other interests, I really love Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney. Its a really fun game; if you haven't heard of it, I recommend you try it out sometime! I'm also an anime fan; my favourite animes are Soul Eater, The Slayers, ToA, ToS, and Fairy Tail. So, you know, if you want to talk about anime, or your favourite video games as well, I'm your guy. <3

I've been in PC for about 1 1/2 years, though I did make some accomplishments here. For one thing, I was a moderator for quite sometime, until I decided to quit for work and school related reasons. So, you know, if you have a question about the rules as well, you can ask me, and I'll try to answer with the best of my ability. But yeah, other than that, I'm just a average user who would like to have a fun time!

Astinus - Fan Fiction & Writing [Available]
Adopted: MichaelSK16
I'm Astinus, though I do go by "Hunter" if my username is too difficult to spell. I've been a writer for as long as I can remember and an active member of the fanfiction community since 2003, starting on other sites to see how the fandom is. When I joined PC in 2006, Fanfiction and Writing became my home section. I've been the moderator of that section since 2007, taking a lead in changing that forum to how it is today. Although, I should note that I've currently been focusing more on my own writing than reviewing, but I'm willing to talk fics at any time!

DrFuji - Emulation [Available]
Adopted: CobaltChrome, Thereaperofdeath19, snivy7
Coming soon!

atif - Emulation (Mentor Capacity: 2) [Available]
Adopted: JadedGrizzly, Isamu Akai
Hey guys...! ^^

I'm atif, but you can call me whatever you want. :P

I joined in 2009, and Pokécommunity has still been awesome since. Then I got into Emulation. I practised a lot of things, and
slowly got the hang of it. I learnt nearly everything there is to Emulation.

I live in England. The weather is pretty bad here, seasons all feel like Fall. :( I like Pokécommunity because, it's soo fun and there are many discussions, threads and other to talk about! You also ave really awesome friends which make your day better. ^^

I'll try to teach you a lot of things, some which are very easy...! Then, when you feel like you've learnt enough you can graduate! xD I hope you have a fun time learning Emulation. But please stay online and active otherwise I can't help you :(

I hope to teach lots of people about Emulation! :)

Hybrid Trainer - Entertainment Discussions [Available]
Hey guys I’m Hybrid Trainer, but you can call me David. I’m 18 and I’m currently studying graphic and product design as well as ICT at A level. I’ve been here on PokéCommunity for about three years on and off. I first joined here for all the tutorials that are floating about the place but I stayed for the community. I’ve settled in nicely in the Computer and Technology section thanks to my general geekiness and interest in the subject, chances are if I don’t know about it then I’m more than willing to learn it. I also like to check out the Off-Topic section quite a lot as well so I can try to get to know the rest of the community better. That’s all you need to know, bye for now!

Captain Fabio - Entertainment Discussions [Available]
Hello everyone,

My name is Captain Fabio, but you can call me Fabz for short.
I have been a member of PokeCommunity a long time, nearly 6 years. I have had good times here and the reason I am a part of this Adopt-A-Newbie, is because I want to show the little ones that PC is a wonderful place to be.

I have been a Moderator for nearly a year, but it feels much longer, in the good way. The board that I moderate is Video Games, as they have been a big part of my life for a long time.

A bit of a background. I am 22, a graduate of University and I live ye' old England. I am pretty laid back, easy going and... I am making this sound like a 'lonely adverts' ad! Haha.

At times, I might seem a little scary to talk to, but don't be afraid, I don't bite, honest! You are more than welcome to talk to me via PM, VM and MSN. Feel free to talk to me on any form of IM.

I hope to talk to many of you and welcome to PC!

Pave Low - Video Games [Available]
Hey guys! I'm Pave Low, but you can call me by my real name; Lucas. I am a dedicated video gamer, spend a lot of time playing games and love to find out news about new games being released :3. I am currently 15 years old, but don't let my age throw you off, I like to see myself as a mature member and am willing to help whoever I can! I greatly enjoy posting and being a part of the Video Games forum, where a lot of engaging discussions, debates and fun gaming events (from time to time) occur. Other things I enjoy doing around the forum are Pokemon Challenges, and my knack for gaming helps me to enjoy these more than I would, along with doing a bit of Pokemon spriting and just being involved with the latest news.

I've been here at PC since July 2008. When I first joined I was a fairly active member, but now I see myself as a very active member; I go on PC whenever I find the time. I have mentioned my adoration for video games, and I love to actively contribute to the Video Games forum, being involved where I can and adding ideas to discussions and whatnot. It really is a great forum n_n. Feel free to contact me, I am a sociable person and like to have a conversation . I live in England, under the GMT timezone, so be aware that you may not get instant replies if you live elsewhere in a different timezone.

I will enjoy being your mentor, teaching you and showing you everything there is to know about the Video Games forum. I can't wait to meet you and I'm sure we will get along <3

Shining Raichu - Off-Topic, General Entertainment [Available]
Hey guys!

I’m Shining Raichu, but you can call me Andy. So, I guess if you’re gonna want me to be your mentor, you should know a little about me first! I’m a 21-year-old guy from Australia. I’m a huge TV and movie nut and a lot of my life experience and frame of reference comes from watching either or both of those. I also love lemon meringue pie. That is not at all relevant unless you want to give me lemon meringue pie. Then I am yours forever.

As for my sections, I’m more of an off-topic discussion guy myself. My love for Pokemon is always there, but it’s not why I keep coming back, so you’ll often find me in Other Chat (where the srs bsns discussions go down), Other Clubs (where I own two clubs – The wildly successful LGBT Club and the less-successful-but-still-awesome Atheist Alliance), Other Voting Polls (which is really the section where everybody gets to know everything about each other – I am a moderator of that section) and Culture & Media (where I get to talk about my beloved TV and movies!)

So if you think you’d be spending a fair amount of time in any of those sections and want me to be your mentor, PICK ME PICK ME! If you’re hardcore into competitive battling, ROM Hacking or game development, I’d be worse than useless to you as a mentor, but I’m always happy to talk to anybody so don’t be scared to introduce yourself!

The above is a list of all the mentors you can choose from! Keep in mind that some mentors have a bold red unavailable sign next to their name, meaning you cannot apply to take them until they return back to mentorship.

We have a mentor in almost every section, so you'll definitely find the one you like most~!


So, you're interested in becoming a mentor? This position definitely requires reliability and eagerness to teach your mentee! The mentor positions are only given to those we feel are active and know their sections well enough to teach a new user about them.

We are looking for mentors in the following areas: Emulation, Pokemon Anime, Trade Corner, Battle Center.

You may be placed on the waiting list if you are applying for other areas. We'll only consider those who are applying for the sections currently in high demand (listed above).

Requirements for becoming a mentor:
1) Little to no infractions (old infractions will be investigated)
2) Active for more than three months (90 days from your actual join date)
3) Prove your activity by posting at least once every two days (we will see your statistics for this)

So, do you qualify? If so, then fill out the application (located below). All fields are required! Once you have finished, send it via PM to Cirno and Cid. Please do not post it here!

And finally, onto the mentor application form:

1) What time zone do you reside in?
2) What board(s) of PC do you frequent?
3) How long have you been posting there?
4) Have you contributed to said board(s) in some way? If so, how?
5) Why do you want to be a Mentor?

Note: By submitting this application, you understand that the positions are limited in scope and you may be put on a waiting list. You also agree that becoming a mentor is up to PC Staff discretion, and that you may also be removed at any time if you are deemed either inactive or unsupportive in your role.

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