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I'd like to join.

What is/are your favourite Ace Attorney game(s) from the series?
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It introduced me to the series, it has Phoenix, Maya, Gumshoe and Edgeworth in their right places, and everything just felt refreshing and brilliant. I love all the other games that came after, but I owe this specific title for getting me into AA in the first place. That being said, Trials and Tribulations comes in a close second.

Who are your favourite characters?
Mia! She's just the best mentor character that you could ever have. Other favourites would be Maya Fey, Miles Edgeworth, Dick Gumshoe and Godot. Godot because of Bridge to the Turnabout, Gumshoe because of how childish he is, Edgeworth because of his character development, and Maya because she practically makes the investigation parts of the games as fun as they are. Hobo Phoenix was also awesome, because he acted as Mia's replacement in Apollo Justice somewhat. I have to wonder how that aspect of him will change his behavior in AA5. He might revert back to his old self, or be a bit more collected and mature. I'd like to see the latter happen, for continuity's sake (so that they absolutely can't pretend Apollo Justice never happened), but I'll be fine either way.

Who are your least favourite characters?
Redd White. Apart from that obvious choice, I can't think of anyone in particular right off the bat. I suppose I disliked Matt Engarde a lot. Oh, and Wendy Oldbag might be hilarious for some, but I find her annoying. I keep clicking on the next button whenever I accidentally make her repeat what she already said, and it's a pain to get through her rants.

And since we're on the topic, I'll answer that as well.

What is your favourite character theme?
I have to lie if I don't say Godot's theme isn't up there on my list. However, Mia's theme (I'm calling Turnabout Sisters' Ballad Mia's theme because it reminds me of her) makes me feel all nostalgic, so I'm going with that.