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    Originally Posted by Fraot View Post
    Why isn't a way to like comments?! I like yours.

    I did notice the views, but wonder why don't comment at all to give feedback.

    I saw many non-Pokémo games here and they received good attention, so that's why I posted it here.

    Anyway, any comments about the design? Something not quite right over there? Be harsh, I don't mind at all, all I want is to enhance my skills.
    The gameplay and graphics look fine in the videos and screens, butIi'd have to play the game to really be able to tell how tight the physics engine is. For the kind of "blocky" level thing, if it's supposed to be a computer simulation, you might want to look at how the .hack\\G.U. games did that sort of thing with their outer dungeons. I really don't have any suggestions aside from that though since everything else looks great!
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