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    Well im technically 14 years old so take that into account when reading this. At my old school, when i was in 8th grade, the 7th graders were dating and flirting and all that stuff. There were maybe 3 kids in our 10 kid graduating class that were into that stuff. This does not entirely pertain to wat i am saying, it is just to give you an idea of who is saying this. After school, i would go play four square with a bunch of third graders. the reason being that most of my class was to "mature" or into dating and stuff. So, like i was saying, i would go and play with them and my best friend would sometimes join me. Now i have never uttered a "swear word" in my life. SO i'd go and play with these kids and they would be swearing and talking about stuff that even we 8th graders didnt talk about. I was kinda disturbed to see what little kids these days talked about. So my defenition of "growing up to fast" would be little kids cursing and talking about stuff that is generally PG-13. So to sum up my super long boring block of text, yes, kids these days are growing up much to fast (except for me :D)
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