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Clare and Kale
The two of them came backstage to congratulate Ryan, "Hey Ryan you did well, I liked the light show bro." Kale reached out to shook his hand, it was getting dark outside and many people were leaving. "I have to say, I didn't expect such a nice, radiant sound from a string instrument."

Clare didn't shake his hand, just slipping her hands in her pocket, "It was pretty nice, though Kale I think we should be going. It is pretty late outside and I don't want to do anymore songs." Kale understood and nodded, "Thanks for hanging with us Ryan we hope to see you again." She bowed a little bit to show respect and began to walk out of the party.

Before they could make it off the beach they were stopped by Lucy, the little girl who had been with O. "Hi there! I was told by O to remind you to visit his shop if you need anything," She looked at Kale then at her paper, "It says here you are in robotics and technology class, is that correct?"

"Yes it is." Kale replied.

"Well please take this card, it will provide discounts at his store." She held out a dark blue card.

Kale gratefully took the card, making sure to look thankful. "Why thank you! I will visit his shop soon." Lucy smiled, nodded and ran off. "What a polite little girl, I bet her parents must be proud. Wait, what classes are you taking?"

Clare sighed, "Core classes, hand-to-hand, and magic defense." Kale nodded and they continued walking, leaving the party behind them, "Should we find those twins?"

"You mean Kazan and Chikyu? No I think we shouldn't bother them tonight, anyways we are getting up bright and early for the bank mission, The info says that the heist is going down somewhere between 8am and 3pm." Clare set her phone to eastern time, putting an alarm at 5am.

"There we go, its so weird not being in the states." Clare laughed, as they walked into their room. "Oh wow, yeah so we aren't staying here." The room was fairly small, if Clare laid down and reached her arms, she would almost touch the other side. There were two doors, each going into similarly small rooms. There was a small kitchen, only big enough for one person to comfortably cook (though it did have many appliances, such as: a normal fridge, dual burner oven, and a dual sink. Even though it was small it looked nice, and was carpeted.

"Where are the beds?" Clare asked. Kale opened up a closet in one of the small rooms, revealing a rolled up sleeping mat, "That's not a mat, that's a thin blanket."

"Clare, in many countries this is all people sleep on, we don't need beds." Clare had slept on worse in the past, but she loved beds and tolerance for sleeping on anything but was lost when living with the Summers. Kale didn't mind, he slept on these when visiting his friend in Japan for the summer. "They aren't that bad after a few days, trust me."

Clare just sighed, "I hope we can live with those twins, if not I'm starting my own business with my own room and bed." She looked cross.

Kale laughed and offered her his mat, "If you stack them then it would be a little more like a real mattress, and we can always buy better ones." Clare smiled and rejected the offer.

"No need, I wouldn't make you sleep on the carpet just because I need a fancy mattress." Kale shrugged, set up her mattress and went to his room, "Night Summers."

"Night Clare, if you wake up before me make sure to wake me up. We can get some breakfast if we are early enough." He shut off all the lights and went to his room and fell asleep.

O and Maggy

The last few songs had really calmed the crowd, making it easier for Maggy and O to clean up, "Why are we doing these stupid parties when we have training to do, we are elite students not party animals." Maggy huffed.

"Yes, but we are still students and this is a way for us elite to show our support for normal students, so that they may also become elite." O picked up some plastic cups thrown on the ground, "Anyways you got to listen to some great music and dance."

"No you got to dance with Sara. I saw her getting all excited to dance with you and how you were showing off." Maggy kicked a can, popping it due to it not being open. "This is so stupid."

"I think you're jealous." O laughed, Maggy just stared threateningly at him but didn't say anything immediately. "You are aren't you, wow just when I thought you didn't have a feminine side to you!"

Maggy threw a punch right at his chest. He was much faster than her though and grabbed her arm, playfully forcing her into a dancing position, "I can make up the dance if you want." He jokingly said then released her.

"I let you stop me, and I wasn't jealous, but I think we should be training instead of dancing."

"Well I have a mission tomorrow, why don't you investigate that husk problem in Africa, I'm sure you'll get to bust a few heads. Bring Lucy and Will with you though, I'm sure they could use the experience."

"Now that's more like it!" They finished cleaning talking about other events, such as Maggy's first elite mission and which band was best.
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