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    Tetsu simply stared at the two girls, rather surprised that they hadn't known what a pokespirit was, considering there were so many of them. Allowing them to go about their conversation without interrupting, he suddenly became tense as the new girl started heading their way, his ralts-like instincts picking up on her concerned and somewhat defensive emotions. As the girl began to draw her sword, he quickly began to draw upon Ralts' power, focusing hard on the tree behind them. Immediately, he faded out in a small flash of blue light, re-appearing on top of the tree, grabbing onto two branches with his hands, and pushing against two more with his feet to stabilize himself. After completing his teleportation, he began to pant heavily, having very clearly exhausted a great deal of energy.(Teleport was one of my accepted skills, and ralts can detect emotion.)

    Looking down at the girl, still panting, he returned her menacing glare with an incredibly wide smile and blurted out "Hiya!", staring down at the group cheerfuly, though ready to jump into action in the case that the other pokespirit wielder decided to attack.

    Ignoring the fact that the two girls had already introduced him, he then proceeded to do so himself "I'm Tetsu, And my pokespirit's Ralts!", he chanted cheerfully. Unsure as to what her pokespirit was at first glance, he let go with one hand and grabbed the journal, waving it into the air and shouting excitedly "Hey, What pokespirit d'you have?! I wanna see it!" Then, grabbing one branch with his teeth, he quickly went about flipping the pages until he once again reached the one on Ralts. "See, this a picture of Ralts!" He said in a muffled voice, as his mouth was full.
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