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(Oops you posted before me)
Spark jumped for joy, "Yay! We're going to get Kalie a spirit!" She ran to catch up with Aria, "I bet since we all have spirits we can be like heroes, and save people!" She counted all of the fingers and then held all ten out, "This is how many bad guys we will stop, and then we can start over and stop that many again." She skipped merrily toward the entrance, "And all the good people can be safe because all the bad people will be gone because they will be afraid of us." But she stopped after saying this and looked sadly at Aria, "If we are scaring people, does that make us bad guys?"

Kalie kept pace but stood behind them, left to her own thoughts. She was sorting through her own memory, focusing, remembering what her goal was. She clenched her fist, don't worry I will get revenge.
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