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    Yeah, the visors are REALLY stupid. Big downgrade from Hilbert and Hilda's practical and good-loooking headgear.

    I'm not totally sold on an MMO to be honest, because... would it have a plot? Or would you just go around collecting Pokemon and battling whomever you encounter? Isn't that kind of like what we do now, only worth $25 a month? I'd much prefer a real-time RPG for the 3DS - even if it's gimmicky, infinite amounts of combos and all kinds of cool things could easily add up to make it awesome again. If they don't go in a new direction, I do agree - Gen VI might be the last before the series starts to wither because GameFreak can't use any new ideas.

    Hence... anything new at this point would be appreciated, as opposed to adding menial things and new Pokemon. I'd rather have a real-time RPG in Hoenn than the same old game in a new region with new Pokemon.
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