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Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
To clarify, I'm pretty sure they would only have four, they just didn't show the "move deleting process" so a pokemon would learn a move and then forget a move but you wouldn't see it so it would look like they'd have five moves.
And I'm pretty sure that they would have more. For example in season 1 episode 14: "Electric Shock Showdown", Raichu uses 6 moves:
1. thundershock
2. mega punch
3. mega kick
4. some kind of tail-slam
5. bodyslam
6. thunderbolt
I can bring many examples. Did you really really think that they had 4 only moves at a time?!

Originally Posted by pleryt16 View Post
I stay stick with four. Not only because it has been four moves in every single pokemon game, but because if there are 6 moves, it would be way too overpowered. Four causes you to have more of a strategy.
Even if it would be op, it'd op for all equally, so it doesn't matter. And more of a strategy is only good. Who doesn't like variety? And if it's only 2 more how much harm can it cause really?
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