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♂ Regal Marx, Age 16

Appearance: Regal wears a Dark Gray beanie on his head. Coming down from under that beanie is unkempt, Dark Brown hair that covers his eyes (though he's still able to see). Though his eyes are barely visible behind his hair, when one can see them they are red, from the contacts that he wears. When his contacts aren't in he wears glasses, but the chances of that happening are very rare due to his disdain for glasses. On his chin is a little bit of stubble. Regal also has tan skin darkened from the sun.

Regal wears a black, sleeveless T-Shirt under a dark gray sweatshirt and carries a necklace that represents a musical 16th note in his sweatshirt. He wears Dark Blue Jeans and black and blue Shoes. His build is rather muscular and he is about 6'0 and about 145 pounds.

Personality: Regal's favorite color is black, and he has quite an appreciation of Gothic art styled and palettes; this leads people to believe that he is indeed a Goth, but he prefers traditional Gothic art to Pop Cultural Goth. He is actually quite the bright and ambitious young man with dreams of becoming a famous Piano Player and Song Writer. Similarly, he dabbles in art, as it serves as inspiration for his music. While he's never owned a pokemon, he has always been in awe and wonder towards them. He found their abilities and ways of life, as well as dramatic differences in their lives from the humans', to be so interesting. He'd often sketch pokemon in his free time. A somber and very nonchalant person, Regal isn't the type to let unfortunate events get him down, and he's quite selective with what actually makes him angry or sad (not by choice, of course). He's quiet, but he's still quick to socialize with others who gain his interest. He does often have the tendency to become excitable and clingy, especially around his little sisters. Still, this does not overwrite his calm and somber persona.

Regal is quite the responsible young man, he's always felt the need to be independent. At a young age, his parents and siblings tried to help him out but he would insist that he do it himself. This could range from doing homework or washing clothes. It remained that way for most of his life, that independence become more and more apparent as he grew older. At the age of 15 he moved out to live on his own, it's unclear as to whether his family is currently alive. Regal is a very philosophical person as well, generally he would think about the lengths of the universe and how it's possible that time could be bent. One could say that his interest in the unknown was due to his omnipotent desire to become a better musician, and that he was always willing to grab what he couldn't understand for inspiration. Regal would probably agree to that, it's been an innate and natural curiosity that's plagued him for most of his life.

Backstory: Regal was living in a condo when the catastrophe struck. The building started shaking, but Regal wasn't able to leave due to the staircase having collapsed and the power being out, thus the elevators were also out of service. Regal was faced with certain death, and thus he spent his "last few minutes" the only way he knew how: playing the piano. Granted, the erratic shaking made things quite difficult for him music playing, he still proceeded with his music slowly and elegantly. The piece, "Life's Elegy"; he felt it to be very appropriate. The building then started to crumble, its walls breaking from the motions of the building. However, that day wasn't Regal's Judgment Day. A Swellow, and a rather large one, flew through one window and out of the opposite facing window. Regal grabbed its legs and flew with it out of the window. Still, Swellow aren't exactly normally strong enough to carry a six foot human being on their legs alone, and thus it slowly descended while still flying at a constant speed. He reached the ground and let go.

Outside of his building he saw a other people from his building who also made it out. Not all of them, however, from what he could tell. The ground started to crack and part in the wake of the earthquakes, so Regal started running. The cracks certainly weren't small, and they grew almost as quickly as he could run. Before he knew it, the ground below him was gone and he had started falling. Someone caught his hand, a teen around his age, and pulled him up, promptly running and giving no time for thanks. Despite the fact that Regal had no idea who this person was or where he was going, he followed him. After several minuted of sprinting, the boy who saved him stopped. Regal didn't really ask any questions, he simply waited for the boy to act. His savior looked around for a few seconds before strategically knocking on the ground. Regal didn't know what was going on, but regardless, he stayed his anxiety. Then, suddenly, the ground started to move and reveal that there was a door under the dirt. The boy motioned for Regal to follow him and entered the hidden entrance. Regal complied, and entered just as the door closed. He descended a rather large flight of stairs to reveal what appeared to be a bunker, with a rather large amount of people.

Regal felt a tap on his shoulder and he said, "Oh, thanks for saving-" he turned around to see who it was, and it wasn't the man from earlier, but rather it was Professor Juniper, someone Regal was well aware of. "Oh, excuse me, ma'am," he said, correcting himself.

"Kid, don't be so formal to me," she said heartily and unusually sternly, handing Regal a small pocket sketchpad and patting him hard on the shoulder, "I'm not that much older than you, so you don't need to call me "ma'am", it makes me feel like my mother." Regal looked down to see what was given to him, which was a rather familiar looking sketchbook. "I found this on the floor not long after you ran inside." Regal checked his back pocket and all he found was a pencil, he had indeed dropped it. "I had a look through it, and I'm quite impressed; you sure do know a lot about pokemon."

"Thank you, ma'am," he said, taking the sketchpad. Juniper shot him a stern, disgruntled look and he said, "Er...I mean, Prof. Juniper. I study them...for pleasure, not for research, however."

"Even so, those pictures capture tendencies and dietary habits often only seen in books and the Pokedex, it's quite informative and detailed," Juniper said in response. She paused for a moment and asked for Regal's name. "Regal Gemini, eh? I'll remember you. You've certainly got the talent that I've been looking for." She said before walking off to another area of the bunker. Regal looked at his sketchpad and noticed a that stuck to it was a sticker for "Holy Burrito", a food chain that used different to make a variety of burritos. Granted, Regal never found the name to be attractive; personally he didn't like religious references in his food and he never found the use of the word "burrito" to be funny. He carefully pulled off the sticker, so as not to rip the page, and discarded it in a nearby trashcan.

Professor: Juniper

Starter: Zorua
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