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    I might have to give SoulSilver another go. I sorta got bored of it, but it seems to be a really complete game and I got bored of it do to my Pokemon marathoning at the time.

    Platinum is always amazing as well and I don't see myself giving it up. I prefer Platinum to White, but only slightly. White has a better story but there's so much less to do and there are several things removed. Platinum has a greater replay value, and I need to trade a few Pokemon that are on my current file to my Master Pearl (I eventually need to migrate everything on that game to White1 and buy Black1 to replay) so I can do my Fighting playthrough (Infernape, Gallade, Lucario, Toxicroak, Heracross, and either Medicham or Weavile to compensate for my type disadvantages [though Heracross can take Psychic and birds won't be a big deal).

    Yeah, I plan ahead for old games too. I just want to play this... maybe I should ask people here to help trade and see what I can give for a reward? xD
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