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    On the internet, I institute a gimmick personality, and that always has fun results. Threatening to shoot people as a short-tempered but badass Southern Belle, pretending to be another gimmick personality's mother, or the nymphomaniac that... well let's not get into that one. I'm surprised she didn't get banned. I've done this stuff in multiple venues, but since trolling is against the rules here, I'm obviously going to be obedient. You don't have to worry about me shticking!

    In real life, though, I never crave this kind of attention. The attention I typically seek is individual attention - for a specific person or small group to pay attention to me, to accept me, as opposed to total strangers. I really don't like being looked at and have learned to ignore it. I used to have this nasty tumor on the back of my head (genetic disorder, not cancer) that people would stare at and I would just not notice them. That thing got lopped off last November and it weighed TWO POUNDS. Seriously, that was a nasty thing, and it wasn't for attention - it may have just made me... not want it.

    End backstory.
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