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Hey there, Vato! Glad to see this make a comeback. This SU may seem familiar, but I've tweaked it a little and chosen a new starter and home country.

Name: Jack Hanan
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Appearance: Jack is taller than average, 5' 7" to be precise, with a thin but wiry frame, like he does a lot of running. His hair is dark brown and kept short, but is usually messy, and sticks out at all angles. His eyes are blue, and he wears a pair of small glasses.

He dresses conservatively, with an odd mix of bright and dark colors. He usually wears an orange T-shirt and a black jacket (worn open to show his colorful shirts), with brown slacks, even though jeans would be more in style. In colder or windy weather, he wears a heavier coat, a tan canvas duster. He prefers comfortable, practical shoes, and most often wears a pair of red running shoes. Literally topping off his ensemble is an old, slightly dirty gray flat cap, which mostly covers his messy hair, but usually gives him hat hair if he removes it.

Personality: Jack is a friendly and outgoing person, always excited to see new things or meet new people. He is exceedingly curious, interested in a great many things. Despite this, he is not overly energetic or prying, as such things go against his personal code of conduct. He is interested in learning things, but has generally poor social skills. If people try talking to him, he doesn't mind talking, and could carry on a conversation. He's friendly and open, but is always worried about saying the wrong thing. Despite this, he's very honest, even bluntly and brutally so at times.

Though he is fine with people, he just doesn't get them half the time, and is prone to embarrassing social blunders. He tries to be nice to others, and is always willing to talk to someone or lend a hand. He is often out of touch with trends and fashions, often out of place in both appearance and culturally. Due to this, he tends to be awkward and self-conscious. In contrast to his outgoing nature, he has quiet hobbies, being an avid reader and runner.

Holy Burritos.

Backstory: Growing up in Rustboro City, Jack had a quiet, peaceful childhood. His father was a janitor, his mother was studying to be a doctor. This lead to him living a comfortable, if uneventful life. He had little ambition, and would have been content to work in the local shop. He eventually found an interest in Pokemon when he befriended an old man who owned several Shroomish. The old man taught Jack about the Pokemon, and how they could be used to help others. When the old man sold a Shroomish to a bakery, Jack auditioned for a job at said bakery.
Being 12, he was of course denied. But this was the push he needed, and began to take an active interest in his own life and Pokemon. His parents were pleasantly surprised by the direction his life was taking. So much so that they decided to personally thank the old man, who accepted their thanks by offering them a job with Team Galactic, who he was a member of.

After years of learning and growing, Jack was ready to accept a Pokemon of his own. His parents had grown distant over the years, as they were very busy with the Team they had joined. So, he went to the one person who he knew would have Pokemon: the Professor who lived nearby. The Professor was impressed with Jack's enthusiasm to work with Pokemon, and intrigued by the actions of his mostly missing parents. As such, he gave Jack a Fire-type Pokemon in exchange for travelling on a journey, a prospect that Jack found simply fascinating.

Starter Pokémon: Torchic