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    Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
    Nice, it's back! This is Regal for now, I might make changes, though, seeing as this is a reboot. So far I've made a few minor adjustments, as well as changed the professor, pokemon, and his last name.
    I will wait patiently for when you finish changing it then
    Originally Posted by Godzil View Post
    Hey there, Vato! Glad to see this make a comeback. This SU may seem familiar, but I've tweaked it a little and chosen a new starter and home country.
    Why shouldn't I remember this SU? Jack was one of my favorite characters! Furthermore, I like the changes you made to him, and now, my good sir, consider yourself accepted!
    -Jack recieved a Pokedex!
    -Jack recieved 10 Pokeballs!

    Jack recieved a Torchic!

    Speed Boost
    Yes I will also keep track on the items y'all find, I will also throw items at you every now and then
    Originally Posted by siiadams View Post
    Name: Christopher Everman
    Hmm... You do seem to have a nice concept here, but your SU is just too short for me to accept it, I will give you another shot if you expand it, mainly the personality and appearance.

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