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I personally see no reason for General Entertainment and Japanese Entertainment to be segregated based on the country of origin anyway. It seems pointless to me. It would be like having two different sections to discuss general chat and then chat related to Canada, or Wales, or any other country. So I agree with combining them.

I also think that the only reason "Other Clubs" remains is because there's a sign-up sheet at the start of every club and people find themselves somewhat privileged to be a member of a club. Personally I think that's the only difference between a club discussing a topic, and the same interest topic posted in GE or JE. Clubs is a fairly pointless section when it boils down to it, the same sort of discussion happens in aforementioned sections, and there's no reason why people can't drive it there.

However in saying that, being a member of a club discussing a topic, and entering a thread and posting about that topic are two different things. As I say, it's more the concept of a club in which drives them, than the topic at hand. The reason clubs are popular is because a lot of them have a hierarchy, sign-up sheet, and they also host a nice little spot in which to meet peers interested in the same topics.

So to be completely honest, I feel there needs to be a reformation of clubs, to make them "Interest Groups". Instead of having "The Desperate Housewives Club", or clubs in which are simply just based on TV shows/movies and so forth, there should be more clubs like LGBT, Atheist Alliance, and for example interest groups surrounding more broad things such as animals, sports, fitness, musicianship and so on.

To summarize in a short sentence; merge GE & JE. Re-purpose Other Clubs, name it "Interest Groups", allow more broad aspects involving culture rather than interest, and deny the ability to make groups based on individual bands, TV shows, Movies, Games and so on. Keep all specific franchise topics for General Entertainment. Or something along the lines of this paragraph.
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