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    Originally Posted by Blue Emerald View Post
    The anime has shown time and again that it doesn't like to follow the game's rules. =P
    I would like it if it would. And it would make more sense to me.

    Originally Posted by Yuzuru Otonashi View Post
    I'm just curious, is there a reason why people love to reference what the anime does? I mean, the manga(s) also exist. At that, the mangas/Anime are based on the games, not vice versa, so it's the Anime ignoring the game.
    I guess, cause the anime is much more famous and popular than the manga. I haven't read any manga.

    Originally Posted by Yuzuru Otonashi View Post
    4 moves is a balancing factor. If you had 1 more you'd be able to deal with a lot more threats and the tiers could be subject to major changes. If you had 2 more it would be even more drastic. 4 is a nice, even number that gives you ENOUGH coverage without too much.
    Maybe that's an issue, but it's only because the movesets are sooo cheesy(not fair). I mean like you have Snorlax who's able to learn any type moves and counter everything with just 1 pokemon. Snorlax doesn't seem like a fire-type or electric-type pokemon and in fact it's a normal-type, but it can learn both flamethrower and thunderbolt and lots other. And it's not only the normal-types that can do that. I say at least put a limit on how much of different type moves a pokemon can use, cause it's ridiculous to see a Golem for example to use toxic, flamethrower, thunderpunch and earth power(please don't come up with handy explanations about how Golem is able to use toxic etc, because I can do that too, but it's still ridiculous).

    btw I know I whine a lot
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