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Spark awoke hardly awake, she didn't know what time she woke up but she was much more happy then she was before. She decided not to tell her dream to anyone, not yet at least. "What is for breakfast?" She looked at the food Aria was preparing, there was a lot from all of the adults they had robbed or killed. Spark simply ate a piece of bread, having lost her appetite from her dream. She looked down and wondered how she would word her next question, she started trembling, fearing the answer. "K-Kalie why do you want a pokespirit?" Spark looked directly at her.

Kalie looked up surprised, and then then tried not to make eye contact with Spark, "Do I really have to tell you?"

"Yes. If you don't then I don't want to take you, and if Aria still does then I'm leaving."

Kalie knew she couldn't get out of the question, and Spark was staring at her seriously. She tried to speak, but took a sip out of her cup. "I want to have power."

Spark was staring at her more intensely, she just felt like she needed a full answer. "Why do you want power..."

"I don't want power, I need power. I can kill that who has taken what I loved most, I can't just stand by while the person lives life." Kalie yelled at Spark, but Spark looked down, sadly. "Come walk with me, alone." She stood up and Spark followed.

"You are going to be a bad guy, I just know it, the bad guys are always the ones who want to kill. It's just like the stories my mommy told me as a little kid, the bad guys only want to kill." She looked at the ground, the dirt was filled with footprints and there was a yellow flower crushed in one of them. "Even people who only want to kill bad guys are bad guys, because you only make them want to kill more people."

Kalie shook her head, "I've thought about it, and I will be able to kill and still be a good guy." Spark stood up and gave Kalie a hug.

"Please make that a promise." Kalie nodded. Spark brightened up "Then lets go Aria!" It echoed through the trees, and a wind blew. Spark heard the sound of men. "Quick hide, I think me, Aria and Tetsu can hold them off."

"But Spark, you don't have a spirit, and you're powerless."

"I don't need power to be a good guy." Kalie nodded and hid in a nearby bush. Spark pulled out her knife, unsure how to use it but ready to use it if needed. Maybe if I beat them without a spirit then Kalie won't want to get power anymore and she won't be a monster.

The motherly voice in her head spoke, But neither Aria or Tetsu are monsters, you don't need to fear spirits, just he people.

But the people and spirits are one in the same, I don't even know if the spirits are good, what if Aria just keeps me around because I'm her sister.
The motherly voice didn't speak, Spark was getting to close to a memory. Of the five different voices she heard, only one of them appeared. She figured the other four had either split or gone to camp. She held her knife firmly, ready to prove herself.

"Hey there little girl, you want food and shelter? I'm sure ya would, why don't you come with me and we can get you a nice house in Eterna City." Spark held her knife up toward her face pointing it at him ready to lunge. "Well I guess killing you would be just as good, I hear there are plenty of sick cannibals around." He laughed manically.

No time to feel afraid. She charged forward, "You're scum!" he pulled out a knife and was ready for her, he stabbed at her but with a reaction even she didn't expect she dodged it. No time to think she sweep kicked, causing the man to fall. She starred at the man angrily, about to plunge the knife right through his chest. "Bad guys deserve to die!" She raised her hand, Now who's the monster she hadn't heard that voice before, it sounded like her but demonic, Go on, you know you want to. Spark dropped her eyes, then she got on her knees and starred in horror at the ground, the man began to laugh.

"Typical of a kid, can't finish the job, but I can!" He hopped up, pulled out a throwing knife and was just about to throw it at a helpless Spark. He let out a grunt and toppled over, Kalie had just knocked him out cold with a large stick.

"Come on Spark, the others may need our help, I heard the other four were going to surround our camp." Spark nodded, back in focus and picked up the mans throwing knife, putting it in her bag then sheathing her own knife. "We don't have much time."

They ran toward the camp, keeping silent.
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