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“Holy Burrito”
Name: Ruby Star
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Appearance: Ruby is known for her height because he is 5'5. She used to have long flowing black hair, but had it cut to be just a few inches below her neck from her mountain training. Others ignore her hair and simply focus on how small she is, in the chest area, which cause Ruby to lose her cool and attack recklessly. Because she has been in the mountains and the sun Ruby has skin that is a tan brown. Ruby's usual attire consist of a red scarf around her neck, that is long enough to flow in the wind, that was given to her by her grandfather. She also wears a black skirt that comes to her knees, along with a black vest that covers her white t-shirt. Ruby's eyes are red and because of that she will often cover them with black glasses, but having become adjusted to being different, she usually holds those glasses in her vest pocket. Her black and red running shoes allow for her to run around and get many things accomplished. Ruby's other accessories include Pokeball earrings in both ears, an everstone bracelet from her mountain training, and a black and red headband. Other than that she is never seen wearing any other accessories other than his scarf. She also gives scarfs to Pokemon she deems as allies and fellow heroes.

Personality: She has a strong sense of justice and believes Pokemon should be treated with care. Ruby is very strict at obeying any rules laid out in front of her. She hates the people who talk about how rules need to bent and broken, as she has always found ways to overcome any obstacles that rules have placed in front of her. "Do whatever you want and grasp it with your own hands!" is Ruby's motto for life. She will fight till her arms are broken, then till her legs are broken, then if she can't fight with her arms or legs she will use her teeth. Her undying will to succeed has caused her many problems, but in the end, Ruby has proven to come out on top. While Ruby may seem strict and cruel, she does have a calmer side that enjoys relaxing and being around others. Her idea of justice just makes many fear her. Ruby has a kind heart and always puts her Pokemon first when ever it comes to battling. Even if she wants to fight tooth and nail till the end she will respect her Pokemon's limits and quickly aide them. However, when criticized about her work or her body, Ruby will go into a beast mode where she will continue to punish them until they say they are very very very sorry.


Ruby was trained in the mountains by her grandfather and her grandfather's Hitmonchan to become a heroine at the age of 12. Ruby's grandfather was once a well known aura user in the Sinnoh region. He used his abilities as an aura user to save people and Pokemon from the evils of the region he lived in. As the years went on, the evils got stronger and younger, as Ruby's grandafther was getting weaker and older. It is then that he decided he would take his granddaughter Ruby away and train her to be a heroine as an aura user. Noticing that the aura in Ruby was nothing in comparison to his own at the age of 12, Ruby's grandfather decided to strengthen his granddaughter's aura so that she could be a heroine of the region. Ruby's grandfather stated that the world is always in need of saving and that Ruby should be prepared to step up to the plate when the time comes. Ruby agreed with her grandfather's crazy methods and ideas and began her training. She climbed up and down the mountains, survived against her grandfather's Hitmonchan in causal sparring matches. She would then be dropped off in a cave with wild Pokemon, which she had to survive against. These Pokemon include Geodudes, Gravellers, Onixs, Zubats, and other cave dwelling Pokemon. She would also have to fight against territoral Skarmory, and angry ground Pokemon and any of the other wild mountain Pokemon around her. She still had to learn the basics of being a hero too, such as justice and what it means to her. Ruby's grandfather was training his granddaughter to make her will stronger and thus made the training rigorous enough to accomplish this goal, but not kill his granddaughter. He had originally designed the training for a male heir, but figured if Ruby could come out if this training alive, she would surpass any male heir that her grandfather could have imagined. After the end of each training session, her grandfather would summon his Chansey to heal his granddaughter and then continue her training the next day. The other part of her grandfather's training required Ruby to learn about how to use and control her aura in order to overcome the wills of the weak. Using this training, she was to find his own path of justice to follow. Through her aura training, her grandfather taught her about the power to overcome the wills of opponents weaker than her through the focusing of her aura into a burst of transparent energy. While she was training to grasp this power, Ruby started to understand that this training was changing her and making her stronger. So to show her resolve to master the technique and become a proud heir to grandfather, Ruby chopped off her long flowing hair and made it shorter. She learned to control her new power, called the oversight, and became able to at least knock out Pokemon who had their wills suppressed by her will. The Pokemon suppressed by her oversight will be knocked out without having to battle, but Ruby learned she had created an after effect specifically for her when he used oversight. Though she was only 15 at the time of getting a grasp, but not mastering the technique, she accidentally created an effect where Pokemon that had wills equal to or stronger than her will would get a power boost if they survived her oversight technique. She also learned from his grandfather that it was also possible to knock out humans with her oversight technique, but only if they had weak wills compared to her will as well.

Her training in the mountains was continued until Ruby turned 16 and was allowed to return to Sinnoh and somehow become the heroine her grandfather was training her to be. Being in the mountains, she was aware of the catastrophe that had struck the regions. As the mountains started to shift and change during her training and the wild Pokemon seemed to have become more hostile toward her. Her grandfather also recognized these changes and thus ended Ruby’s training and had her resume her training to be a heroine in the real world. While Ruby was on her way back to Sinnoh by climbing down the mountains, she encountered a wild flock of Pidgeot’s that carried her away to a place that seemed very bizarre to her. Unable to decipher where she had landed, Ruby decided that she should use her grandfather's training and try to become a heroine in the area she had been dropped in. “A heroine is always ready to face the unknown because they know their strength and will has the power to overcome any mystery.” Was the first rule of her grandfather’s training. Ruby eagerly accepted the idea of saving lots of people and Pokemon and followed her grandfather’s wishes and training. So she made her way to finding someone to save and came across a Professor being attacked by a flock of Starly. Using her oversight, Ruby was able to knock out the Pokemon, but also accidentally knocked out the Professor. Realizing she had done something really wrong, Ruby immediately ran over to help the Professor.

Starter Pokémon: Shinx
Diamond FC: 3437-1003-4345
SoulSilver FC: 3610-3513-7456
White FC: 5200-1735-1142

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