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    Holy Burrito

    Name: Falcon Gormaiden

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male


    Personality: Falcon is a kid regarded as the leader in some cases. He acts proud in everything he does and tries his best to be on top. He likes to talk and mostly goes on with an article about the current subject the topic is based on. He is also quite mature and can handle anything that comes at him, well not a 100 ton metal ship but you know what I mean. Although all the misconception on his current personality, he is a nice person. He looks out for everyone, if in a group, and will not give up in anything he does. He likes when people make jokes and likes more when there is a fight. In some cases, Falcon’s point would be “Somebody or someone will always show you their true personality in an argument or a fight”. He stands up to that concept and empowers it whenever some is actually fighting.

    Backstory: Rough seas, trembling land and crying skies created fear in most people’s heart. One of them was Falcon. He was on the farm of his father who at that current time went to the market to get some food for lunch. Falcon was a single child, and by living in a Single family in Eterna City, he gained his father’s attitude, being bossy and over protected. That Saturday though was none he had seen before. The skies looked creepy and dark whilst he crashing waves was heard from out far. Falcon became a tiny bit scared but he kept on planting the vegetables his father had told him to plant on the farm.

    Suddenly, rain poured down heavily and the southern wind twisted in like a hurricane. Earth rumbled as the ground shook tremendously.

    “What the…?” Falcon exclaimed. He threw the shovel aside and rushed in the house. With great fear, he called his dad using the house phone.

    “Sorry…, the li…nes…h...aaaaa….ve been…CRASH! CRASH!” informed the crashing telephone.

    “No no no no no no no no no!” Falcon rushed through the back door. The weather outside was dreadful. It was raining cats and dogs whilst thunder storms cried from above the dark heavy clouds. Falcons whizzed through the field and pinpoint his destination to Eterna City. What had happened to his father? Was he alright or was this just such a bad dream. It couldn’t be… It just couldn’t.

    But sadly it wasn’t. A wild Aggron stumbled in Falcon’s way and scented Falcon’s presence.

    “AGGRONNNNN!!” The wild Pokemon roared angrily.

    “Yikes!” exclaimed Falcon. “Not now”.

    The Aggron leaped at the poor boy but with great pride, FALCON DIED!!!! (JUST KIDDING)
    The Aggron leaped at the poor boy but with great pride Falcon stood his ground.

    “DAROS, HYDRO PUMP NOW!” A voice was heard from behind Falcon. In instant sight, the Aggron was seen flying due to a current of water pressure. It went crashing in a nearby tree as it immediately faint.

    “Huh!” exclaimed Falcon highly surprised. He turned back. With widened open eyes, Falcon saw his father and his cherished Empoleon, Daros.

    “Are you alright son?” asked Falcon’s father as he imposed his hand on Falcon’s shoulder.

    “Ya, I’m alright” replied Falcon. “But what is happening dad. This kind of Phenomenon is rare, especially here in Sinnoh”

    “I know son, but for now, the least we could do is wait for help. We have to reach Twinleaf Town for that is where everyone is heading. From what I’ve heard, there’s been some trouble around the region and there is nothing in our power to stop that kind of posture” explained falcon’s dad. “Come on; let’s go before this weather gets worst”.

    Pokemon: Turtwig

    (hope it's Ok with you if I post a picture instead of righting a long SU. If you would like me to change, please tell me, but know that i'll do it tomorrow for where i am its pretty dark)

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    A Far Off Memory That's Like A Scattered Dream....!
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