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    Thanks to all who replied to me...

    Im glad it isnt the older one that one seemed very lacking in direction and didnt seem to have much of a story line... It felt as if u were just left to your own devices to explore rather than being guided onwards.

    Im playing my version through the website (not sure if im allowed to say that on here so admins feel free to remove if that is so)

    Im currently at the stage where ive just defeated the Dardusk gym leader. SO far this seems like a really great game. I managed to aquire a Zorua which i believe is a pokemon that shouldnt even exist in the generation at which this game is set in - so thats kinda cool Its also a very useful pokemon for the previous gym.

    I guess ill try and be helpful and answer others questions while i will no doubt have plenty of my own

    Nice to meet you all.

    So first Query...

    1) Where can you catch a Kirlia to trade for a Gengar?
    2) After completing the trade for the Scizor it wouldnt obey me. Since then none of the gyms have mentioned anything about certain level pokemon obeying me after getting that badge. Anybody know what needs to be done in order to get pokemon to obey you?


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