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    Sorry for the delay! I've been distracted by White 2~


    (Riley's notes on her epic journey of awesomeness. So epic and awesome, you can't even imagine.)
    1. Went to talk to Elm after Ethan's Marill used me as a hiding place. Saw someone looking into the lab window. When I tried to talk to him, he shoved me. Jerk.
    2.Got Totodile, named him Eric, and went off to talk to Mr. Pokemon. (Weird name. Weirder dude.)
    2. Got an egg from Mr. Pokemon. (Got to go give this to Elm. Now. Before I scramble it and eat it.)
    3. Ran into the red-haired jerk from earlier, kicked his butt, and saw his trainer card. Name's Adrian. He'd be cute if he weren't so stupid and mean.
    4. I guess Adrian stole that Chikorita from Elm. So that's what he was doing! Jerk. I gave his name to the police and I will hunt him down and kick his butt again. And again. And again and again and again. The jerk.
    5. Calm down, Riley.
    6. So. Gave the egg to Elm. Ethan showed off - I know how pokeballs work, silly - and then gave me presents~
    7. Used Ethan's presents to catch a sweet little Sentret. Named him Henry, then banished Eric to the PC for biting strange people's ankles. I told him not to since you never know where they've been.
    8. Me and Henry went off to Violet City.
    9. I challenged the Sprout Tower. It was full of old dudes with Bellsprout. Naturally, I kicked their butts.
    10. Ran into Adrian at the top of the tower, but he got away before I could punch him in the nose. Note to self: don't let him get away next time.
    11. Henry evolved! He's so adorable~
    12. Challenged Falkner. Won!
    13. Went through a cave, tripped over at least five Geodude, and got challenged by random trainers. My knees hurt...
    14. Got to Azalea Town. Some weird dude calling himself a Team Rocket Grunt was standing in front of Slowpoke Well.
    15. Accidentally went into Ilex Forest in the dark. I got... lost. Oops. But I caught an Oddish and named her Nova, so it's okay.
    16. Got unlost and slept at the Pokemon Center.
    17. Visited Kurt in the morning. Stupid old man went to go stop Team Rocket from doing whatever they were doing to the Slowpoke and hurt himself, so I had to go in there after him.
    18. Found out what the Rockets are doing. They're CUTTING SLOWPOKE TAILS OFF. AND SELLING THEM. I hate them more than Adrian. And that's saying something.
    19. Rescued a Slowpoke from the evil organization and named him Dopey since he's... well. Slow. And silly.
    20. Battled a guy named Proton (...that's... you know what? Not even going there.) and kicked Team Rocket out of the well and Azalea Town.


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