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Originally Posted by G3neSESS View Post
i am pretty psyched about the game being on 3ds (though im scratching my head at the fact it isnt going to be on the vita) and will try to actually be GOOD at a MH game. so im understanding there will be no online on 3ds or will there be less focus on it, cause psp had xlink kai at least.(sorry if stupid question im not entirely sure exactly what the 3ds can handle)
Reason why is not on Vita? Go take a good look at sales of 3DS and Vita on Japan/US. 3DS has exceeded vita so far in all aspects IMO. And i would like to see more and more releases on 3DS anyways which its easier to carry around than the Vita or am i just crazy saying that? Don't quite think so. :D

Im sooooooooooooooooooooooooo hyped waiting for this game now, its been forever since 3G came and now its time is finally here for us to enjoy this marvel :D
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