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    Originally Posted by jackiekis View Post
    Oh, please, tell me... I spent months trying to figure out how to modify the Learnset and the level at which pokémon evolve in Gold Edition. Do you use any kind of software, or you do it by code? I would be forever indebted to you if you help me
    You can edit the evolutions and the learnsets of Pokemon using a HEX editor.

    In Pokemon Gold go to offset 0x427BD. There will be a table of 251 two-byte pointers that point to the learnset and evolution data for each Pokemon, in Pokedex order. For instance the first pointer is Bulbasaur's and is B3 69 which points to offset 0x429B3.

    Go to offset 0x429B3 and you will find Bulbasaur's evolution and learnset data in this format:

    [Evolution Data] 00 [Attack Data] 00

    Evolution Data is defined like this:

    [Evolution Type] [Trigger] [What Pokemon to evolve into]

    Evolution types:

    0x01 = Level evolution. Your trigger will be the level you want the Pokemon to evolve at.

    0x02 = Item evolution. Your trigger will be the item you need to use on the Pokemon to evolve it.

    0x03 = Held item trade evolution. Your trigger will be the item your Pokemon needs to be holding while traded to evolve. If you don't need an item the value is 0xFF.

    0x04 = Happiness evolution. Your trigger will be any of these values: 0x01 can evolve at any time of day, 0x02 can evolve during the morning or day, 0x03 can evolve at night.

    0x05 = Stat evolution (at a certain level). Your trigger will be two bytes long, the first byte will be your level, the second byte will be any of these values: 0x01 for Attack > Defense, 0x02 for Attack < Defense, 0x3 Attack = Defense.

    Attack Data is defined like this:

    [Level] [Attack]

    Remember all your values need to be in hexadecimal.
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