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Originally Posted by AChipOffTheOldBrock View Post
Maybe the moon is higher than any plane can fly, or else its not a rock that people can stand on but some sort of optical illusion like the northern lights.
Right lets continue this point then.

Did you know it's possible to fire a laser at the moon and bounce it off a metal sheet PLACED there during the moon landings? If the moon was an illusion (or if the moon landing was faked) then this was be impossible.

Mythbusters can vouch for this!

Also, to elaborate on 'maybe it's too high to fly to' - what makes it hard for a plane to fly there? If there is no space than air pressure/consistancy wouldn't change and we would just have to fly up. However, that doesn't work. If air gets thinner the higher you go then can you not see how logical it is that there is a distance from the earth where there are no air molecules and there is 'space'?