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    Originally Posted by Keiran777 View Post
    If you want to watch something about cosmology on Netflix I recommend Cosmos with Carl Sagan (Neil Degrasse Tyson is hosting an updated version which should be out in 1-2 years). Those Discovery/Nova programs featuring Stephen Hawking aren't really written well and aim to please with computer graphics rather than their facts. I tried watching them and their ability to convey the subject matter was poor at best. I felt bad for Mr. Hawking.

    Also, the sun isn't an illusion. We feel its heat and we can draw solar power from it. The moon isn't an illusion, we feel its gravity and have what is called "tide". It can also physically block the sun's light and produce an eclipse. The northern lights aren't illusions either, they are due to collision of charged particles directed by the earths magnetic field. And we know magnetism isn't an illusion simply because if degaussing wasn't possible WW II probably would have went a bit differently.

    And meteors must come from somewhere, I don't think clouds can defecate large rocks.
    Alright. I might give that show a watch.

    There could be different answers to why all those things happen. And if not then maybe the moon and sun rotate around the earth. And what are the northern lights then? Like physically? Am i right in thinking they dont have a physical presence? Thats what I meant when I said the moon and sun could be illusions. And I dont think magnetism is an illusion.

    @Went, alright Ill quit arguing about this. We arent getting anywhere.

    Just felt the need to point out that no one was at all concerned with my religious beliefs they just bashed me for not liking homosexuals and not believing in science. Isnt this club about religion?