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    Name:Felix "Phoenix" Chance
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Felix is 5'9 and slender. He has icy blue eyes and black hair that he keeps short, the way it grows makes it look like he always has a mohawk, he has small ears. Felix has a square chin and when his eyes pierce through your head when he starts to stare. He has a little stubble of a beard on his face, and because of this people think he is much older than he already is. Felix has broad shoulders and muscular arms people have said that he is very attractive. Felix wears nearly any kind of t-shirt but most of the ones he wears make him look muscular. He always wears Jeans and gym shoes. No matter what he always has a hoodie with him, even if it is 90 degrees outside. Felix has large hands and really big feet (Holy Burritos he's a size 13!)

    Personality: Felix prefers to be called Phoenix because he thinks Felix is too common of a name. He is shy and becomes really quite while talking to girls although he is good at flirting when he get comfortable enough to talk to he, because of his shyness he chooses not to talk that much. Felix is very modest and smart but a bit rash at sometimes, like jumping into a lake before he knows what's in there. He hates show offs with a burning passion, and because of the way he was raised, he won't tolerate them at all unless it is needed. He likes to help others solve their problems, unless he feels that the problem is needed to teach the person a lesson. He treats all pokemon, no matter how mean and vicious, like his best friends. Felix doesn't tend to be naive and doesn't laugh at what most people laugh at. He is funny when he tries but, he sees no point in it really. Felix is usually the one to tell someone and idea is not that smart and try to suggest something different. He believes that a lot of things should be achieved through hard work rather than just being given to him. People see him as being mature because of a lot of the ways he does things, although this isn't the truth and in heart he still acts like a normal 14 year old. Felix is very athletic but he doesn't play sports for the competitive part but rather more for fun and a way to relax.

    Backstory: Felix had a perfect life, loving parent, a lot of friends, got whatever he wanted and lived in a villa outside of the resort area, yet he wasn't spoiled. He was rich but he told no one about it. But then it all happened so fast. Felix was only 10 when his parents were killed. Ever since then he has lived alone, his cousin would fly in from the Unova region every month to check on him and buy him food, this continued until Felix was 12 when he lost contact with his cousin, by then he had learned how to take out money from the bank and go shopping and get places by himself. People constantly tried to get him to move in with adults but he would resist every time. Eventually most people just gave up and let him live on his own. One man, would never give up. He had a small lab in Sandgem Town. No one really knew why he would come all the way out to the Resort Area just to try to get Felix to move in.
    Felix learned independence early on, even though he had money and didn't need to, he still worked for money. People have mocked Felix for his shyness but he always ignored him eventually he became shut off from everyone but his two best friends, Laurel and Jay. He stopped hanging out with Laurel after Laurel became a criminal. Laurel had tried to get him to steal bikes and food and even pokemon. Laurel was eventually arrested and sent to the Kanto Region where he was put into a boarding school after he served 3 months in prison. Jay is his only friend now. She checked on him everyday. Eventually she moved in after her parents disappeared. She takes care of cleaning while Felix works. One day Felix got a strange note,"My name is Professor Rowan. I am the man who tried to bring you to Sandgem Town and its time I explained somethings. First off I was a good friend of your father, before he passed away i promised him that I would give you your first pokemon when you were ready. My intentions were to bring you to Sandgem Town so you could train here but you wouldn't allow it. Felix,I believe that now you are ready. I advise that you bring 3000 pokedollars for your journey" He told Jay about the note and they decided that he should go. Felix packed some supplies and left Jay with about 2,000,000 pokedollars. He set out to the lab unaware of what awaited him on the roads ahead. After a week of traveling he arrived at Sandgem Town, ready to start the journey ahead of him, unaware of what dangers awaited him...

    Professor: Rowan

    Starter Pokemon: Chimchar

    I fixed some things, tweaked others and added more it only took me about 2ish hours fix it. This should explain thing a little bit better than before.
    Avatar Credit goes to the creator.