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Starting Water Type Monotype Challenge now.
-Named myself Keith and rival Javen
-Grabbed a potion from my PC.
-Attempted to leave the town for some fun, however was stopped by Professor Oak, which offered me a Pokemon.
-Got Squirtle and named him Soaked
-Javen got a Bulbasaur and challenged me to a battle.
-Won him easily.
-Went to the grass for the first time of my life.
-Kind Lady gave me a potion, appreciated it.
-Continued my adventure to the next town after training Soaked to level 7 where he learned Bubble.
-Went to heal up Bubbles at the Pokemon Centre and headed to the PokeMart as I thought I wanted some potions for the next rival battle.
-However, the woman at the counter refused to sell me anything until I had sent the Professor Oak's Parcel.
-Groaning, I went to deliver the parcel, surprisingly not encountering any pokemon in the grass :D
-Oak gave me and Javen each a Pokedex, wanting us to fill the pokedex for him .
-Went to Javen's house, got a town map from Daisy.
-Grabbed 6 potions and 3 antidotes from the Pokemart
-After stocking up, I realised it was time to challenge the Pokemon League and become the Champion.
-On the way, Javen told me we could not challenge the Pokemon league without the official 8 badges and challenged me to a battle!
-Lost because of a CRITICAL HIT -.-
-Went to challenge him again.
-Won him easily and Soaked got to level 11 too.
-Weird old man gave me a TV after he taught me how to catch a pokemon, meh he was pretty bad, just pure luck he got that weedle .
-Headed North to the Viridian forest
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