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NeverUsed Tournament

I figured we were due for a tournament now, and considering that NU is the most popular tier at PC currently, a NU tour would be a good fit. This is your generic single elimination tournament, but for the NeverUsed metagame. This is tournament is for the PC Battle Server only.

Sign ups have been closed; the tournament has started.

— Rules

• BC's General Battle Rules (which includes the standard clauses)
BW2 NU (Moveset analyses for said tier can be found here. Don't know what tiers are? Use this thread.)
• 6v6 Singles
• Best of Three (Participants battle each other three times. The one who wins the most out of those battles moves onto the next round.)

— Participants

1. Neon00
2. servine101
3. Forever
4. Zeffy
5. RandomTrainerWhoCould
6. shnen2
7. Archer
8. DaydreamsAway
9. Pixelrush
10. general-shyguy
11. BLOOOD-La-ti-
12. P-Sign

— Rounds

Round One
Zeffy vs Forever
DaydreamsAway vs Archer
servine101 vs P-Sign
BLOOD-La-ti- vs RandomTrainerWhoCould
Pixelrush vs general-shyguy
shnen2 vs Neon00

Round Two
RandomTrainerWhoCould vs Archer
shnen2 vs P-Sign
Pixelrush vs Forever

shnen2 vs Forever
RandomTrainerWhoCould gets a bye

Forever vs RandomTrainerWhoCould