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After watching a playthrough of this on YouTube, I have to say...this actually would have been really good as a parody of BWB2W2. Ghetsis's and Slowpoke's dialog especially convinces me of that. But then it's serious, so instead of being an amusing and actually well-animated game, it's just...sad.

Ash's battle especially. Ash never cared about Pikachu? So Ash almost getting killed to save Pikachu in the first episode from a bunch of rabid Spearow means nothing? As little of a fan I am of Ash, there is no mistaking that "Ash and Pikachu" is essentially the symbol of friendship. Granted, this is a game from the group that preaches "ethical treatment of animals" but then throws animal blood on people who wear fur and kills well over 90% of the animals in their own shelters.

And as others have said, Pokemon has been around since '96. The fact that they waited until now to attack them (because the battling has never changed) just proves that they're looking for attention. The Slowpoke at the end of their game must be the same one who told them about the existence of Pokemon.

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