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Originally Posted by 93Aiwass View Post
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Here's where you got it wrong - it's not Obama's tax plan that caused the deficit, it's Bush's. The fact of the matter is that Obama hasn't had the courage to stand up and work to revoke the Bush-era tax cuts on the rich and actually renewed them, thus making sure the deficit would get bigger.

The sad truth is that we do need to raise taxes in order to help pay down the deficit and repair the economy. I think we should start by revoking the Bush era tax cuts and then work our way from there. After all, when the rich were paying their fair share... we built the Interstate system - one of this country's most ambitious public works projects.

Love is the Law, Love under Will.
Personally, I don't see why they are having so many issues on this. It's real simple. If your going to reduce the deficit, get half by reducing the budget and half by increased taxes.

Here's the thing though, the Interstate system? It wasn't, originally, built for the average person. Thats not why it got funding. It was funded as a way to ensure rapid movement of military hardware and material in the case that we got invaded.
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