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    Originally Posted by CrystalStatic View Post
    I have a question. Hope someone can answer

    My question is this: How can I make the "BF1" titles go away in Pokemon Fire Red? What I mean is, in the Team Rocket hideout, when you go from place to place, the map title that pops up every time you go into a new map is something like "ROCKET HIDEOUT" but then there is another string of text that says "BF1" or "BF2", which stands for bottom floor. How would I go about getting rid of these strings of text?

    Thank you for your time in advanced.
    In the Advnace Map Header go to "Show Name on Entering" and change it to 02??
    That should do the trick.

    I wrote a level script that will show certain sprites if certain flags are set. The first time I visited it set the sprites correctly. But now when I go back there, nothing shows up! Why is that? Is there a way to write a level script to make sprites appear/disappear every time you enter?