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    Absorbing question. Can "love" be defined under a properly encompassing definition, or is it too subjective to the point that its ambiguity cannot be defined?

    I am personally of the believe that "love" can be defined, but given how "encompassing" refers to a sense of broadness in this regard, it's hard to be too specific. "Love" essentially means a feeling in which you'd give your life for a person, someone you care enough about to put above yourself, someone you share an inseparable bond with that you want to be with, no questions asked. Yes, that's a long definition, but in my eyes, it's true to life. Is there anyone you'd give your life for, someone that means so much to you that you'd die for them, even if it means leaving them? And what do you all think the definition of "love" is, if it has one at all?
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