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Reason for joining: Psychic types, one of the more rare typings we see. Honestly, I always hated going up against Psychic types, since I never have any Dark or Ghost types to help me, and I always seem to forget their typing, but in the same way, I've always loved using them, because generally they're just very strong with awesome moves. While it isn't my favourite, the Abra line is probably the one I usually end up using out of any, because if you get the right moves, it's a killer.

What is your favourite Psychic type pokemon?

Yet again we go back to a topic involving Lugia. Oh Lugia, although you may not look like a bird, you will always be one in my eyes :D

Lugia is most definitely the Pokemon in almost every category where it could be include where I'd choose it as my favourite, mainly due to the time I spent looking for and using Lugia all throughout my Silver. I didn't get to catch it 'till just about after I'd completed the game, because honestly, even after searching for a long time, I didn't have a clue where to find it, and I had no clue at the time that you could look such stuff up on the internet. I was set on looking for Lugia after I'd seen my brothers team get wiped by one in a battle against one of his friends, taking down his team consisting of level 100's since, since my brother set to catch all the Pokemon available in his games and level them all up to 100, although the internal battery died, and all that was lost D: But yeah, I didn't know anything about EV or IV's (which worked differently in the second generation games though) at the time, and when it came to moves I just went for anything physical and with high power, so I doubt it would be any good competitively if I used it at the time, but I just thought it was really strong and went on a quest to find it. Took a long time, but one day I finally found it hidden away deep in Whirl Isles. So naturally when I found it, I used it all the time, and it was really strong. I think I kept that exact Lugia throughout my games for a long time, trading it over and back whenever I started over, even though I couldn't use it for the entire first part of the game, although I didn't really care, I loved that Lugia. Aaaand, then one day I borrowed my game to a friend because he wanted to try it out. Never got it back ;'(

So to this day, my beloved Lugia is forever lost, although it still lives on in my memories, and I will continue to share them with everyone, so that one day my Lugia will return to me, and I will be blessed with eternal happiness :D
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